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its ya gurl🐼  Ching Chong Skinny P ||potternerd⚡|| an asian with attitude || um,,, hey 😅 😊 ||

I've watched this at least five times and😂😂😂😂

im messed up, im faded,

im so complicated➿

1: Margaret Leigh Shao Rothchild
3. My dog :,) jkjk I have too many to name😋
4. I'm feelin' ok👌
5. Single but...
6. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Mulan, Lion King, (etc..)
7. 5'4 1/2"
8. Bloodstream/chainsmokers:: happier/ed sheeran::believer/imagine dragons (A TON MORE)
9. Big hoodies, fuzzy socks, post-its
10. I can't think of that aha
11. Laughing so hard your stomach hurts, making someone laugh, doggos :))
12. ramen💛
13.dylan O brien, Thomas sangster.
14. Two piercings
15. Ummm😂😂
16. UMMM😂😂
17. Both?! I really like plot twists tho!
18. Computerr
19. Pink Chiton OR
Tahiti Island
20. Last night
21. YE
22. Sort of😂
23. yeah...
24. Voltron/13RW/ amazing world of gumball
25. I don't have any 😁

new OC: Pepsi😸
-23 yrs.old
-baseball playaa -brother to Pepper Ann
-chill as heck -v funny
-super protective of Pepper Ann
•loves dum-dums
•loves the summer and the fall seasons
•color red🔺
*hates blueberries
*hates not doing anything
*dislikes any boy Pepper Ann dates
*hates history and english with a passion

cringing because some of these are. Awful.
From 2015-2017 there was a little bit of improvement :)) I'm very proud😌

I don't wanna know about your new man- we'll get there eventually.😒

yeah, real simple thoughts💭

Tell me your favorite song;
just go ahead let your hair down! 🦋

sleepy boy💤💛

spaceman says, •
"Everybody look down- it's all in your mind."🌟

an old one :)

I found some really cool Photo Paper thingies and I printed some stuff out then cut em' and tHEYRE SO GLOSSY OH MY GOsH.
but they make the colors darker which kinda stinks but thEYRE GLOSSY SO IT'S ALL GOOD. •

Creds to @beemunie for the middle piece :))))

🌻•only fools fall for you•🌻

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