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Chasity🇵🇷  Photography page: @cc.photography98 Nick💕

Happy Birthday dad! I love and miss you always❤️
Feliz cumpleaños papá! Te quiero y te extraño siempre❤️


I’m just gonna leave this right here to educate some of y’all


My Abuela Ana is so cute❤️ #mygrandmaiscuterthanyours #miabuelaeslamejor

I found some random throwback pics and I thought I’d share them

This is a throwback but my love💖

I present to you guys videos of me dancing without rhythm on top of picnic tables

My hair is short now y’all

I wanna wish my sister a happy birthday! I remember when you were first born and I was super excited to finally have a younger sister. Now I feel old knowing that you’re turning 14 today. Have the best birthday ever! I love you and I’m so proud of the young lady that you’ve become!

So according to @23andme I’m slightly more African than I am Native American. Also I have Italian in me #shook #23andme

Sometimes I realize that I can resemble a potato from certain angles #imweird #confidenceiskey

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