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UN Environment  Official Instagram of the United Nations Environment Programme. #EmissionsGap Interactive ↙️

#Didyouknow : Some of the best protected forests 🌳 are those occupied by indigenous peoples!
Research 📑 has shown that some of the world’s best protected forests 🌳🌲🌳 are those inhabited by indigenous peoples. People who have lived in forests for generations recognize the high value of the ecosystem on which they depend for food 🍛, shelter, and water 💧. Studies have also found that tree cover is better maintained in areas where communities have legal rights to forest lands #forests #nature

#FACT you didn't know about squirrels 🌳! Adult tree squirrels normally live alone, but they sometimes nest in groups during severe cold spells - a group of squirrels is called a "scurry" or "dray." Double tap ❤ if you didn't know this fact! #Wildlife #Nature

Sea-level rise 🌊⬆ is threatening the unique patrimony of Easter Island, Chile 🇨🇱. Increasingly stronger waves are eroding petroglyphs and moai 🗿, the island’s iconic colossal statues that represent ancestors. The island is facing the adverse impact of climate change, the plastic tide and other environmental challenges, and is searching for innovative solutions to tackle them. Find out how they are doing so at unenvironment.org #SolveDifferent

#QuizTime: In which country was the world’s 🌏 first shark sanctuary created? The sanctuary protects about 600,000 square km of ocean, a similar size to France 🇫🇷 Some clues about this country:
1. It has more species of marine life than any other area of similar size in the world 🦈
2. It contains more than 250 islands 🦈
3. It shares maritime boundaries with Indonesia, the Philippines and the Federal States of Micronesia 🦈

Tag a friend to take the quiz! We will tell you the correct answer on Saturday on comments!
#CleanSeas 🌊

‪Mountain Hero @_michael_strasser cycled 🚵‍♂️ from Alaska to Patagonia to raise awareness about #climatechange. You don’t have to ride 300km/day to join him!‬
‪Choose to bike or walk to take #ClimateAction. #COP24

#EarthLens 🌎📸 from @matthewrothbardian Do you know how many people benefit from water 🚰 coming from the mountains?
Mount Kenya ⛰provides water to 7M people
The Andes 🗻to 75M people
Hindu Kush Himalaya 🏔to 240M people
Adaptation to climate change in mountainous regions is key for the livelihoods of all these people!

Today is #EarthLens Thursday! Here is one of our favorite ❤️ pictures of the week by @fabian_photography .
Don’t forget to tag us using the hashtag #EarthLens ! We want to see earth 🌏🌎 through your lens📸!

We all see the world differently, but we have the following 3 things in common: it’s our home, our future & our responsibility. We want YOU to share your #EarthLens and why you care about the 🌎. Every Thursday, we share some of your contributions on our feed. Tag a friend who you encourage to share with us his/her #EarthLens 💙💚

@realwillgadd, a trailblazing ice climber, is the newest addition to our Mountain Heroes campaign! He joins a group of extraordinary athletes who are raising awareness about the concerning impact of #climatechange on mountain regions. We welcome Will and look forward to his advocacy. #InternationalMountainDay 🌄
📷 Credit: @ChristianPondella / Red Bull Content Pool

#DidYouKnow that Baobabs store large volumes of water 💧 in their trunks – which is why elephants 🐘, eland and other animals chew the bark during the dry seasons. Fighting against deforestation in Madagascar 🌍 is key to maintaining ecosystem balance ⚖. Double tap ❤ if you love these trees!

#ClimateChange's impact on mountains 🗻is greater than in other environments. Because of their high-altitude ⬆ they are warming faster than the global average. This is making almost all glaciers across mountain regions melt 💧 & bringing extreme floods. Adaptation to climate change is key to protect people and our precious ecosystems 🏔 from such negative impacts. #InternationalMountainDay #MountainsMatter

🇿🇦 Court rules that companies 🏭 must first seek permission from local communities if they plan to mine on their ancestral land. 👍👍👍 This new achievement in land & mining rights for South Africa will encourage communities to realise their role in decision making ⚖. Read the whole story in our website ☝️☝️☝️#environmentaldefenders #humanrights 📸: @thom.pierce

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