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UN Environment  Official Instagram of the United Nations Environment Programme. #BeatPollution

"I founded Better Blue because I realized that our oceans don’t have a voice. Everyone should have the responsibility to protect this blue planet." Miao Wang of China is a Young Champion of the Earth. #YoungChamps

Happy #WorldRhinoDay! 1,338 rhinos were killed for their horns across Africa in 2015. Since then, the number has remained high. Demand for their horns needs to stop, and we need to support Rhino conservation efforts. #WildForLife
📸: @unsplash / David Clode

Today is #WorldCarFreeDay. Cars contribute to global warming, air pollution, and laziness! Take the opportunity today to cycle 🚴‍♂️ or walk🚶‍♀️instead of using your car 🚘#BeatPollution #BreatheLife
📸: @unsplash / @neonbrand

We can #BeatPlasticPollution. Young Champion of the Earth Miranda Wang of BioCellection is employing a novel technology to turn plastic pollution into new resources for a sustainable economy. #YoungChamps

The future is in our hands ✨! The Montreal Protocol was introduced in 1989 as a global agreement to protect the #OzoneLayer. As a result, from 1990 to 2010 an estimated 135 billion tonnes of CO2 equivalent emissions were mitigated. 💪💪🏼💪🏾 However, we have a way to go: Keep Cool and Carry On!
More info: ozone.unenvironment.org

The #CleanSeas Back to School Plastic Challenge is on! We’re asking schools and youth groups worldwide to join the push to #BeatPlasticPollution and there are prizes in store. Head to the link in our bio to learn more ☝️

Trees and oceans work in harmony to serve the planet. Together they give life, they feed, and they heal. But humans are disrupting the harmony. Together we demolish, we pollute, and we kill. We must protect the harmony of our planet together. #BeatPollution #CleanSeas
📸: @mattjjeffs

@arpit_dhupar of India is a Young Champion of the Earth. His groundbreaking technique filters 90% of particulate matter from diesel generators & turns it into ink, without impairing mechanical performance. Join us in congratulating Arpit for his innovative work to #BeatAirPollution! #YoungChamps

Their habitats have been destroyed by palm oil plantations and they have been targeted by poachers; the Helmeted Hornbill is at grave risk of extinction. If demand for hornbill ‘red ivory’ stops, these birds won’t be targeted. #WildForLife

"My work focuses on training women in the energy sector to take the lead in the workplace and at home, to make a difference and have an impact." @eng.heba_farra of Palestine is a Young Champion of the Earth. #YoungChamps

Good news for our oceans! #PlasticPollution is a global problem, yet 60% of all plastic that ends up in oceans comes from 6 countries in Asia. 🇸🇪& UN Environment have announced a $6 million project to #BeatPlasticPollution in Southeast Asia. #CleanSeas
📸: @unsplash / Andres Abogabir

The choices we make about food impact our planet - 30% of global emissions come from food. Young Champion of the Earth Hugh Weldon is bridging the sustainability information gap on food through the @evoccolife app. #YoungChamps

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