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Two Bike To  We are Matt + Becky. Two Brits documenting our travels by bicycle. 📌: Laos 🇱🇦 🚲: 13,000+km 🎬: YouTube - Two Bike To 🌐: For more stories + photos:

A welcome break off the bikes slipping into Laos down the Mekong. | 12.03

Kong worked as an engineer in Bangkok before devoting his life to becoming a self proclaimed hipster. He moved back north, sourced all his own coffee beans working with local farmers and started his coffee roasting business, Roast Friday. Here are some shots of our morning learning the science of the perfect coffee. | 11.03

Coffee with Kong. The morning of a very memorable Warmshowers stay in Thailand. Warmshowers - a free hosting community for cyclists - gives amazing insight into local life. | 11.03

True Thai hospitality shown by our first Warmshowers host in Thailand. Kong showed us the local temple and lakeside where we enjoyed a beer together. Dinner was a team effort, cooking up a north Thai dish of Khao Jeow. | 10.03

Everyday scenes cycling through north Thailand. The wealthier the country, the taller the Buddhist statues. | 04.03

Great to meet up with Molly + Haydn (@cycle_for_love) during our downtime in Chiang Mai. They are cycling across the world from the U.K. for @helprefugeesuk. | 06.03

Camping in an orchard outside Chiang Rai reminded us of cycling through the vineyards in Austria eight long months ago! | 09.03

Thai food: a strong contender for the best cuisine of the trip. | 03.03

Showering as nature intended. There's nothing like discovering a waterfall after an incredibly sweaty day in the saddle. | 01.03

Camping in Thailand has been the easiest so far on our trip. Looking forward to camping on the beach when we hit the coast. | 02.03

Thailand loves its coffee & our first Warmshowers host here happened to be the coolest coffee farmer/roaster. More on that story soon... | 11.03

T H A I L A N No.21. | 28.02