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TWO BIKE TO...  We are Matt + Becky. Two Brits biking across the world for fun. 📌: Myanmar 🇲🇲 🚲: 11,000+km 📷: Sony RX100 III 🎬 NEW INDIA VIDEO! Click here:

After bumping into @theoddtrip again on the border, we then met two more cyclists from Germany and spent our first day together. We had been told it was illegal to camp here or to be hosted by locals, and to expect tourist hotels in the region of $20-30 per night. That evening we were welcomed to stay in a monastery/school. The head monk served up mountains of food and tea for us, before we joined their evening prayers. An amazing first day in Myanmar. | 03.02

Medieval cattle-pulling carts are still in use in Myanmar... | 05.02

M Y A N M A R / This marks country 20 for us! Also our 10,000km milestone, and 8 months on the road. EPIC! | 03.02

Pagodas and balloons dot the skyline at sunrise in Bagan... | 10.02

After some back and forth at the Moreh-Tamu border, and of course lots of paperwork, we finally crossed into Myanmar. [They really need to put signs up telling you where to go]. This land border only opened up to foreigners in August 2018, meaning we were pretty lucky not to have to fly in from India. | 03.02

Meet Gomi - our wonderful Warmshowers host in Imphal, India. Our first Warmshowers since Turkey! Gomi took us to his favourite cafe to sample local Manipur dishes for dinner and then in the morning for a local breakfast and refused to let us pay. Check out his profile if you’re heading to Imphal! All the best Gomi. | 29.01

Our last morning cycling through India up to the border town of Moreh. | 31.01

The hill country has surprisingly few places to camp. We were lucky to be hosted on two separate occasions by the church. Thanks to Pastor Dilip + “Aunty” for your kindness and a bed to sleep in. | 27-28.01

Naga kids... The northeastern states feel distinctly different from the rest of India. Many of the locals identify as Naga people rather than Indians and would prefer to be independent. Not these children, though, who were more interested in strange foreigners with cameras. | 28.01

Welcome to Nagaland. This north East Indian state is home to Christianity, pork and one really dusty road up into the hills. | 26.01

Probably the most effort we’ve put into breakfast so far. Feels good to get back into the camp swing. | 26.01

Campfire bread: tick. From the start of this trip we’ve wanted to try our hand at homemade bread and last week we did it. All thanks to @pushbikegirl + Cycling Cindy’s tips. Highly recommend giving it a go yourself (see link in comment below)... | 25.01

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