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Theron Humphrey  Not a travel guide but a eulogy of what was

Lovin' like ya ain't ever had a broken heart ⚡

Been loving capturing our little everyday camping vignettes recently 🌵I'll be back here next winter

Loves waking up each morning not knowing where we'll camp that night or what we'll see that day. The way we travel around is pretty simple. Take a look at a topo map, drop a pin, and head that way. When you ain't ever been there, there's hardly a bad place to go. That's what keeps us going, not seeking out the most famous or epic locations, but just that pin drop on a map.

When the going gets prickly 🌵

'We must be still and still moving'

Real easy Sunday with @dartphoto

Uncle @forrestmankins & the ole coonhound. Grateful for these two 🙌🏼

Seems like the more I travel the less I need these days. I love refilling banged up gallon water jugs that have lived a hard life in the back of my truck at the store, while getting funny looks like we're hobos. Or just cooking simple meals in a skillet over campfire coals every night. Those sort of details ground a man into what's important. Now I clearly see it ain't about getting to an epic location, or having the neat camera, it's about how well you loved everyone along the way. Guess what I'm getting at is you don't need a fancy rig or bunch of prefect gear to get out there and live it.

Wasn't expecting to find a gem of a swimming hole in the desert 🙌🏼

Ain't too much to say about it but taking the time and watching the sunset, with nowhere better to be, seems necessary to understand where we've been and where we're headed.

Been camping for 3 weeks now, time flies when you're doing it right ✨

Lovin' these Arizona backroads and wild flowers, so nice around here 🌸

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