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The Gympire  Welcome to the Gymnast Empire. Stay fit with 2 Olympians. ASQ & SP. Creating & curating the best gymnastics inspired workouts! 👑

This is a win/win - Teagan is working on standing and I’m chipping away at the lean pocket (it’s gone down from the hot pocket 🙌🏽) #momandme #fitmom #gettingmybodyback #thegympire

2019 = 🍑

Okay okay, laaaast press handstand vid, but honestly @kynsee_roby sent us this & we couldn’t not post it. DANG GIRL. For those that are wondering & don’t know, this is extremely hard!!!!! She makes it look so easy. What a stud!!! #TheGympire #challenge

Annnd here we go in response to @jadeacarey challenge... @marisol_gymnast from the Chilean National Team wanted to show you what she could do! 👏🏼🙌🏽

Okay... @jadeacarey is challenging us- let’s show her what we’ve got!
(@asaq3 I’m talking to you bc Lord knows I couldn’t do a press handstand on my best day 😂)

Send us your best vids! 👍🏼

This momma is cray 😜 #Repost @asaq3 with @get_repost
Gave my old core from my gymnastics days a try today! Only made it through half of the reps but I’m pretty proud of that 1/2 press 🙌🏽 see below for full numbers!
30 hollow rocks
25 v-ups
50 scissors
1/2 press to plank 60 sec hold
30 sec elbow plank each side
30 sec reverse plank #thegympire #fitmom #naptimeworkouts #brestyanscore #gettingbodyback

Check out @rachkap getting ready for her sophomore season at George Washington University!! We love that she’s putting in that extra work before the end of the year... we should too!!

In honor of @asaq3 birthday... thanks for letting me force you into doing hours of exercises to film. This was clearly towards the end, but a very accurate portrayal of our day 😂 DELIRIOUS. Sorry I have a bad memory. Love you boo.

Ummm you’re incredible @cmemmel23 🙌🏽 Thanks for sharing! ・・・
New challenge for @thegympire
This one took me awhile to even consider attempting...girls have been doing it for some time but my first attempt was this week.
4 pull ups-4 steps-4second hold-4 leg lifts-4 steps down-4 pull ups
@mmgym_mike recommends 4 sets, 2 with each hand beginning a pull 💪🏻

So nice spending the Thanksgiving with family in Indy, but desperately needed a workout, so I tried this exercise after my run. It’s actually a really tough core workout even if you have a handstand already. I challenge you to go as slow & controlled as possible!

Also, swipe for my blooper (I had multiple). I suggest NOT going on a platform 😂 #thegympire

A little body weight combo to get your heart rate up before we all put our fat pants on. 3x30 seconds each exercise in a row! #thegympire #Iworkoutforwine #naptimeworkouts #fitmom #mombodprevention

Aww thanks @triplefull for this cute vid of some amazing memories!!! We love reminiscing. Can’t believe we went to the Olympics together & got to start this amazing community together #TheGympire 💗 Very blessed!

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