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The Gympire  Welcome to the Gymnast Empire. Stay fit with 2 Olympians. ASQ & SP. Using gymnastics for an everyday healthy lifestyle! 👑

Aww thanks @triplefull for this cute vid of some amazing memories!!! We love reminiscing. Can’t believe we went to the Olympics together & got to start this amazing community together #TheGympire 💗 Very blessed!

Loving your gymnastics inspired workouts... This one is from @taliwalle 💪🏼.
KEEP EM COMIN!!! #gymtourage

Check out our fit babe @megsjimenez 💪🏼 (former @beavergym gymnast) crushing it on #WorkoutWednesday 😈 We are ALL definitely going to have to try this one!! #Gymtourage #TheGympire

I like to call his “ crouching tiger, getting a booty for mama” I was playing around with different variations of high toe squat kick backs. To kick it up a notch add a looped band above your knees! #thegympire #fitmom #naptimeworkouts #gettingmybodyback #mombodprevention

Our babe @bridgetsloan still crushing the game!! Proud of you.
STILL GOT IT....kind of 😜👵
#clocksplitchallenge #gymnastics #handstandsplits #thegympire

Happy November 1st!!!!

We’re getting back on the workout train people. Who is with us?!

Did a Pilates class today & got inspired to try this combo. I kinda love it!!

Breathe Out...

I like to call this my “Bulse” work out (Baby/pulse)
3x20-30 pulses in each position will have your legs burning! Recommend weight 12-15 lbs #thegympire #fitmom #naptimeworkouts #gettingmybodyback #mombodprevention

Happy National Gymnastics day!
Celebrating with a workout (OBVI). 🤷🏼‍♀️ plz excuse the ghetto workout gym... it’s a hotel gym & we all understand that life. Anyways, I did 3 treadmill interval segments with exercises in between. Here’s one of the leg exercises I did.

I did 3 sets of 10. They’re a killer.

LEGOOOO! @samanthapeszek just dropped her first bonus episode of the I Have Cool Friends podcast featuring @asaq3. They talk all things Olympics & of course, #TheGympire! 🔥 Check it out at!!!

Oh yeah, this is a great leg workout for toning. You can also put your leg on a chair or bench if you don’t have a friend! :)

We double dog dare ya to start the week off right- whatever that means for you (mentally, physically, & emotionally) 🔥 #TheGympire

B4 (Bitch Block Belly Burner) 2-3 sets of 30 seconds of each exercise. Clearly struggling on the sit ups - I blame breast feeding for making me ridiculously top heavy 🤷🏽‍♀️ #mombodprevention #fitmom #momlife #gettingmybodyback #hotpocketbegone #thegympire

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