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The Gympire  Welcome to the Gymnast Empire. Stay fit with 2 Olympians. ASQ & SP. Using gymnastics for an everyday healthy lifestyle! 👑

Happy National Gymnastics day!
Celebrating with a workout (OBVI). 🤷🏼‍♀️ plz excuse the ghetto workout gym... it’s a hotel gym & we all understand that life. Anyways, I did 3 treadmill interval segments with exercises in between. Here’s one of the leg exercises I did.

I did 3 sets of 10. They’re a killer.

LEGOOOO! @samanthapeszek just dropped her first bonus episode of the I Have Cool Friends podcast featuring @asaq3. They talk all things Olympics & of course, #TheGympire! 🔥 Check it out at!!!

Oh yeah, this is a great leg workout for toning. You can also put your leg on a chair or bench if you don’t have a friend! :)

We double dog dare ya to start the week off right- whatever that means for you (mentally, physically, & emotionally) 🔥 #TheGympire

B4 (Bitch Block Belly Burner) 2-3 sets of 30 seconds of each exercise. Clearly struggling on the sit ups - I blame breast feeding for making me ridiculously top heavy 🤷🏽‍♀️ #mombodprevention #fitmom #momlife #gettingmybodyback #hotpocketbegone #thegympire

That Friday workout- where the exercise is harder bc you’re laughing so hard. 😂 I love partner exercises if you couldn’t tell. You always end up doing more & having more fun bc you’re with your workout buddy!

Leggings: @outdoorvoices
shoes: @underarmourwomen

This is the Monday-iest Tuesday there ever was, so thought we’d throw some inspo your way.

You want the promotion, those consistent workout habits, that clean positive state of mind, do it. We guarantee you’re more than worthy, more than qualified, more than capable. You just need to believe that and DO IT.

Repost: @samanthapeszek.

She’s interviewing @asaq3 for the first bonus episode of the I Have Cool Friends podcast. Comment below any questions you’d want Sam to ask her. She’ll be picking her favorites!!

Happy Friday!! I love switching it up & mixing in some exercises with a hike. This is a good booty blaster and the kick is a good lengthening exercise! I recommend doing 10 kicks on each side.

Sports bra is @austinactive 🤗

You guys HAVE to try this!
Tag us in your best attempts!! (It’s harder than it looks) 😜 Good luck! PS. I love doing group workouts on the weekend. It’s a great way to switch it up & add some fun!

@nnamz24 @smoats34

Part of the core series I did can do each of these exercises for time or a specific number.
I did 3x20 seconds each.
I had Teagan via c-section so I feel like my abs really took a hit this time around. Breastfeeding has taken off a lot of my baby weight. Activating my core and staying engaged was tough today but in time it will come back. #momlife #7weekspostpartum #hotpocketbegone #skinnyfat #mombodprevention #naptimeworkouts #thegympire

Check out @samanthapeszek “True Believer” story on @lornajaneactive website featuring #TheGympire 💙 It’s been a busy summer, but we love all of your support!

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