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Find peace in traveling 🙏🏾 • ✨LINK IN BIO✨ where’s the most peaceful place you’ve traveled to? COMMENT BELOW 👇🏾

Rick was one of the first people I met during my internships with Fiat Chrysler about 6 years ago 😩 and I was blessed to meet him! Out of all of my featured travelers he’s the only one actually living and he’s fullllll of knowledge. Every time I ask a question he gives me the answer PLUS a paragraph explaining! I appreciate that so much because one word answers piss me off 😂. Thanks for helping me inspire others to travel more and for giving me access to all of your traveler photos! You’re literally the best!

Them: Lets go to Miami!
Me: I’m good luv, enjoy ✨ LINK IN BIO

Some of the most beautiful beaches are right here in the states! Don’t discount our beaches for their beauty, explore them! What’s your favorite beach here in the US ?👇🏾COMMENT BELOW

LINK IN BIO !! Every person on TKOWANDERLUST has a unique reason as to why they were featured, but I want to highlight a part of Yohanna’s story. She’s a native of Brazil. She has created her own platform to increase awareness of Afro-Brazilians. She offers a place of transparency where Blacks in Brazil can share their stories of racism through her online magazine, Black in Brazil. “Ignorance breeds hate and hate is what fuels racism.” Her purpose is to encourage love and acceptance. I have so much respect for what she’s doing. And I appreciate her for being apart of my journey of inspiring others to travel more both domestically and internationally. THANKS YOHANNA !!

SUMMER TIME FUN ☀️ • what do you use to capture your photos or videos while traveling? COMMENT BELOW 👇🏾👇🏾

Don’t just hope to travel. Actually plan to travel and go.

It’s one thing to travel internationally for the first time, but to do it solo is another. Domonique is the epitome of JUST DO IT and let nothing hold you back. I aspire to travel like her, but I’m too scared 😂. Solo traveling is on my bucket list and I hope to accomplish this year, but until then I’ll just live through her. Thanks Domonique 🙏🏾 and HAPPY EARLY BURFDAY

Find peace in wandering 🧘🏾‍♀️

Airport Swag, its a thing. • what do you wear when you’re traveling in the airport? Comment below 👇🏾

The people who influence my travels are actually people I know and ones I call friends. As of 2018 Spisha became one of my travel buddies and I wish she could travel every where with me. She’s filled with so much life and is always down for an adventure! It’s cool to have a travel buddy that’s good in front of the camera, but also behind it. She will get THAT PICTURE for you 😂. The pictures she take make you want to be there! Thanks Ayesha!!! You’re the reason I wanted to visit Paris and Aruba 😌

In the city nights, the lights give me life 🏙

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