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Super Noah Jacob  "There's nothing down about Down Syndrome" Born on Jan 27, 2018 w/ Super Powers and lots of love #Trisomy21, #CHD, #VSD, #MulticysticKidney, OSA

Blessed Sunday with a little Super Powers! 🕸💥

Thought we would hear good news today but the chest x-rays that were done this morning showed pneumonia in the right lung. Doctors are on it, as Noah's lungs have to be protected. He seems more comfortable, just hoping the new meds help him fight this off quicker. You got this Noah! 💥

Rough day today. Today was one of the toughest for our little guy. He spent most of the day sleeping and crying due to his fevers. Hoping tomorrow is a better day. You got this Noah!

Reposting this for those who have inquired about Noah's gofund me and CashApp. I apologize to those who I gave the wrong info to, I dont really mangae the gofund me page and had a lot on my mind in the past few days. I just realized after receiving a few messages that I got the name mixed up. The correct link is on this post and in profile bio. Thank you for your continuous support, it is truly appreciated.

He's fighting this virus like a true superhero that he is! We had a rough night but it's part of the process. These are the toughest days of the virus before things get better. Noah is still fussy but happy in between the fevers and mucus suctioning that he hates. We are hoping to go home soon...just taking it one day at a time.
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RIP to my paternal grandmother and Noah's great grandma Iya...this video was taken last month when I went to Panama to get DJ. She had been in the hospital and we were all worried about her. She said that she was looking forward to Noah's visit to Panama in a few months. She said she prayed for him so much and then she said "that boy dont have no down syndrome". Gonna miss her so much...still cant believe it.

It's a beautiful morning

In better spirits

Fever is down and cough is under control but Mr Noah is still fussy... #notahappycamper

Noah was taken to the hospital at 4am and was admitted immediately. His cough has worsen, had a high fever and swelling. We will update you soon.

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