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Star Individuality Foundation  A 501(c)3 movement tackling the question that comes after the statement "Be yourself." Which is "who am I?" through self expression.

This Monday’s winter wind got us like... to bid on this photograph by @dreamon7 check out our auction live now will @paddle8

“I am really explicit about my intentions for transparency—but not just transparency in our words but also in our actions and our emotions. I hope my work inspires people to engage more with their heart and to find strength in vulnerability. I especially want to support women in taking pride over our emotions and pleasure. I want to see women feeling comfortable in owning their desires and indulgences. Simply put, I hope my work inspires emotional freedom." - Sarah Bahbah [ via @elleusa ]

Truth bomb in the form of a chronological photograph. @sarahbahbah “love doesn’t destroy you, insecurities do” is available to bid on live now on @paddle8

Shedding our winter skin[s] and dreaming of 70 and sunny. *Cast* your bids today on not one, but EIGHT exclusive works by Misha Japanwala.⠀
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Daily inspiration and dose of art by @misha_japanwala

Thank you to our artists,hosts, sponsors & @harpersbazaarart for the event coverage. Link in bio to support our cause!

Special guest photographer Rasha will be joining us Saturday night are you ready? “To be able to display fragility and emotion Is to be able to find truth in all things. To remove guilt from vulnerability, is to allow an experience a freedom known to few. It allows an illumination which brings a flow through life and the expression of art. I’m honored to be apart of the message which Star Individuality is helping to spread.”

Surprise! We have another artist! Meet @dianagomezphoto “I support Star Individuality and its work on celebrating people's uniqueness from the bottom of my heart.
I believe the only way to achieve happiness is to truly love yourself despite anyone's opinions. To understand the power of being unique, to share the best of you with yourself and others, to speak your mind, to be brave, to be loving and to be inspiring to the ones who deserve to hear you.”

Introducing photographer & director @sarahbahbah “In a world where we are constantly conditioned and manipulated by society to conform to this ideal of "perfection", we forget that vulnerability and transparency is the key to emotional freedom. When we are emotionally free from societies conditioning, we reach our full being, our rawest most honest self; our individuality. I support this foundation and am here to see individuality strive amongst the young generation. ”- @sarahbahbah

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Introducing sculpture and designer @misha_japanwala “I can’t think of a better way to start conversations and open ourselves to different perspectives than through art. I’m so excited to do that during Art Basel through Star Individuality, and to be able to support and foster young artists.” - @misha_japanwala

#emergingexpression #starindividuality #artbasel #artbaselmiami #contemporaryart #artists

Introducing visual artist @tombrownvisual “I’m very excited to be part of Emerging Expressions. To bring together so many artists from around the world is an amazing opportunity for us to share our work with a new audience and also connect with each other.
What’s more, The Star Individuality Foundation’s goal of funding arts education for young people is a hugely important cause, and one I’m extremely happy to support.” - @tombrownvisual

#emergingexpression #starindividuality #artbasel #artbaselmiami #contemporaryart #artists

Introducing artists @laurenbakerart “I look forward to exhibit my light art at Soho House Miami during Art Basel and It's such a pleasure to be using my art to support scholarships in the arts. Artists supporting artists... what a beautiful project. When we lift each other up, we all rise. ”- @laurenbakerart

#emergingexpression #starindividuality #artbasel #artbaselmiami #contemporaryart #artists

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