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Stan Bicknell  Family•Coffee•Beats 1/3 @RumbleCoffee Roasters Ex-Miami Horror/The New Caledonia/Kimbra/Ecca Vandal/48May Kiwi living in Aussie, enjoying the process.

Here’s a hats comparison clip I put together yesterday. What’s your favourite? •
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I get asked a lot about tuning... A LOT! And even after 20yrs I’m still perfecting my methods! But this generally what I do for the sound I like to hear :
Snare - simple, just crank both heads, especially the bottom head (often overlooked).
Toms - Tune the wrinkles out when compressed in the middle, take the resonant up 1/4 to a half turn higher, tune the batter by preference of feel, then tune all tension rods even.
Bass drum - finger tight on batter, 2-3 turns on resonant, small pillow against batter.
Another tip is tune your kit every time you sit down behind it. You only get better by doing it a ton. You’ll slowly get more confident with what you’re doing for sure.
Here I’m using Remo Ambassador clears on both sides of the toms, CS Clear black dot on snare with Ambassador Snare Side as the resonant, and a Clear P3 on the bass drum.
Sometimes I use Clear Pinstripes and Coated Suedes also. 🥊🥊
The 14” has my custom BFSD on, I like it as a point of difference to the other toms and makes things interesting for kick and tom interplay.

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Part.2 Pocket and chops. Aside from that one 6stroke in the middle I like this little run.

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Drags, ghosts, odd number groupings to finish the week.

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A little pocket before heading home. I like this. I can bop my head🚶🏻‍♂️And the kit sounds 🔥

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Pocket, kick placement, giving the Trashformer hell - that pretty much sums it up.
Great jam yesterday. Ran through some tunes then worked on more kick grooves focusing on kick placement. Stumbled back on Rational Gaze with 16ths on the hands and every kick on the splash. Such a cool little ‘exercise’ as it constantly switches between right and left hand lead. Gets the mind working. 🥊🥊

Now THAT was a fuckin blast! 💦
Started the day with DeadLifts, got some vitamin d at the Flemington Farmers Market, over a killer @purepiemelbs steak pie with the fam. Then destroyed the kit for a couple hours - with saw dust flying everywhere no stick was safe. Rounded off with an epsom salt soak, and now Sunday evening chills listening to All-4-One! 😂 Day = Complete. Bring on Monday, I’m ready. 🥊🥊

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Single kick ladder 1-9 and back, yesterday. Reps reps reps. Working on the mechanics, making sure everything is intentional, and the odd number groupings are as smooth as the even numbers. 🥊

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#thebicknellprinciple #timepluseffortequalsresults #rhythmicallycaffeinated #pocketandchops4life

Looking forward to performing #AUDW2018 @drumtekaustralia, in a couple of weeks time. I’m honoured to be representing my companies @pearl_drums @zildjiancompany @zildjiansticks @remopercussion, sharing the main stage with the likes of @ericmoore_ii @bennygreb @global2dom @markcolenburg @petelockettpercussion @lucius_borich_drums, just to name a few.
I’ll be holding a 40min workshop/performance where I aim to bring you a bit more into my world with some playing, and some of my observations and views on and off the kit.
I’ve chosen a couple tracks which best highlight what I enjoy behind the set, and I’ll be weaving in some of my story along the way, hopefully offering a fresh perspective on subjects such as creativity, motivation, discipline, the joys of opinions and criticisms, social media and more.
Come hang, it should be fun. 🥊🥊
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Coffee on arrival for all students? You bet! 😎
Love what you do, do what you love. 🥊🥊

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#pocketandchops4life #rhythmicallycaffeinated #thebicknellprinciple #timepluseffortequalsresults

Over 2.5yrs ago I happily made the decision to stop gigging and touring. This is why... A true understanding if I miss these moments with my daughter I’ll never get them back. 😍
Couldn’t think of a better way to spend my Saturday night. #dadlife

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