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Here, There, Everywhere by Gregory Keith for Satellite Journal. #TBT

Like humans, our Sun loses mass as it ages, weakening its gravitational pull. To study the dynamics of our aging star, researchers have enlisted Mercury, the smallest, innermost planet in the solar system. Mercury’s proximity to the Sun and small size make it exquisitely sensitive to the dynamics of the Sun and its gravitational pull.
Now, a team of scientists has indirectly measured this mass loss and other solar parameters by looking at changes in Mercury’s orbit. The new values improve upon earlier predictions by reducing the amount of uncertainty and this new estimate of the rate of solar mass loss represents one of the first times this value has been constrained based on observations rather than theoretical calculations.
Seen here is Mercury backdropped by our Sun in an image taken by the Solar Dynamics Observatory. #Repost

Behind the scenes with Jessica Guzman & Gina Snodgrass, photographed by Hyun Lee for Satellite Journal.

California love: @Amiri @MikeAmiri_ brought his signature Cali edge to the seductive backdrop of Paris as he revealed his Fall/Winter 2018 collection. Taking place at the Beaux-Arts, the chapel showcased Amiri’s creations full of grunge and glamour. Taking a cue from “The Lost Boys, ” the Amiri boy for this season is synonymous with seduction and dark allure. He is an eternal outsider that exists outside of the bounds of normative reality. While he is a part of the human race, he is always apart from it: a vampire is an outcast by nature, and the power and captivating nature of the vampire arises from the outcast state. Amiri gave us the dark hero, the quintessential bad boy who thrills and seduces us as he breaks rules. #Amiri #MikeAmiri #PFW #PFW18 #MensFashionWeek

Take me to Church by Aleksandra Adamczyk for Satellite Journal

Inspired by the ethereal painting of Ophelia (1852) by John Everett Millais which hangs in the Tate Britain in London, artist Ignasi Monreal creates a golden sequin dress by Alessandro Michele for the Gucci SS18 campaign.

A sunflower seastar (Pycnopodia helianthoides) works stealthily across the ocean floor in search of food. They can grow up to 3 feet in diameter and travel at rip roaring speeds of 3 feet a minute as they seek out sea urchins. Water temperatures off the coast of the US and Canada have warmed by several degrees and tragically, this starfish species was the hardest hit from an aptly named disease called “starfish wasting disease”. I took this image several years ago when this species was everywhere. Now, they have all but vanished from this coast. #climatechange #warmingoceans #repost

Backroads by Jordan Drysdale for Satellite Journal

Another Strange Land by Julia Morozova for Satellite Journal

The Girl Next Door by Angela Vitanza-Baltra for Satellite Journal

Merry Christmahanakwanzika! Image credit, Mark Geistweite.

Big Red by Paul Fco for Satellite Journal

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