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SLUMBERJACK  Morgan & Fletcher The SARAWAK Tour tickets ⬇️

SARAWAK Episode 2: Morgan's Painful New Tattoo⠀

It is called the ‘Bungai Terung’. 5 hours of excruciating pain - but I was adamant that I wanted to get this done in the traditional Bornean hand-tap style.⠀

Growing up in the 90’s in Borneo was paradoxical, on one hand you have the urge to upkeep and maintain tradition, to show-off where you come from; on the other hand, you desire to be in the group of millennials spearheading change and moving away from the ‘primitive’ ways. When I left Borneo almost a decade ago, I was always torn between being proud of my home, or hiding it - thinking people would treat me differently because i was ‘from the jungle’. I have since learn that it is quite the opposite.⠀

This ‘Bungai Terung’ is a coming of age tattoo. Traditionally, it marks the passage of a boy to manhood. Even with the resurgence of traditional tattoos in Sarawak in the past decade, it still carries the same meaning while also serving aesthetic purposes. After all, tattoos embody self-expression. ⠀
This is my personal way of coming to terms with my heritage and to be proud of it. ⠀

Episode 2 of the SARAWAK series out tomorrow. 🎥

I’ve always wanted tattoos as a kid, but was reluctant for many reasons. I told myself if I were to do it, I’d do it traditionally - as Bornean ancestors intended.

Stay tuned for the drop tomorrow. 🌀🍥

I think I need a gardener for the mane stat. 🦁

Sriracha is love, sriracha is life. 🌶⠀
Would fight anyone who disagrees.⠀
AUS/NZ, we are going on tour 🇦🇺🇳🇿, see you there, link in bio.⠀
📸 @jordanwing

wow. 😧 (listen to the guy going ‘yeeehaaaaww’ 😂 at the drop)

Just got sent this. This was us playing at Spark Arena in Auckland for @touchbassnz earlier this year.

Honestly getting so hyped to bring the brand new live show to Auckland for the SARAWAK Tour.
🔈 @whatsonot - Divide and Conquer (@noisia_official Remix)
🎥 @taylormansfield_

if you haven't heard, we have just announced The SARAWAK Tour in Australia and New Zealand. For those who have been to our shows, you know we put 100% into everything we do. We can't wait to share this with you.

Ticket link in bio.

We are coming home. 🇦🇺🇳🇿 Fletch and myself have been hard at work to bring this to life. The SARAWAK Tour will be our most ambitious show yet. See you there.

Tickets on sale NOW. Link in bio.

pro tip: when working on a music video, it is essential to incorporate big hand gestures to get your point across. 💪🏼⠀

a couple of #bts photos by @zennieshia during the shoot of 'Daggers'.⠀
Pre-sale of The SARAWAK Tour AUS/NZ is on now. Link in bio. ⠀

A snippet of the ‘Daggers’ music video.

Thank you for showing us your love. It’s been a wild ride of a year for us and this video encapsulates the highlights thus far. We cannot wait to back it up in 2019 with the the SARAWAK Tour.

Fletcher and I have always enjoyed being creative, not just with music, but in all forms of art. With the help of a tight team, @machineage and us co-directed this music video. From start to finish, we were closely involved in the directing, shooting and editing processes.⠀

Australia/New Zealand, SARAWAK Tour pre-sale tickets are now live! Link in bio.⠀

FULL VIDEO on Youtube and IGTV.⠀

@mitchlowephoto, @zennieshia, @onthedayfilms @savetonightofficial @josamorecords

It's been a while Australia/New Zealand. We are coming home to you in 2019. Brand new music, brand new production, we’re doing this big. Welcome to The SARAWAK Tour.
Pre-sale starts Tuesday morning (Nov 6) at 9am local time. Sign up for the mailing list to get early access - link in bio.

we have a very special announcement tomorrow. keep your eyes and ears out. ❤️

the faces you give when u know they're lying but u listen anyway.⠀
let's see if u can guess who we are collaborating with on our SARAWAK EP.⠀
📸 @zennieshia

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