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RAEN winery  Sonoma Coast, California

Happy to introduce and welcome our newest RAEN family member. Protector of the bees and monarchs. One with Mother Nature and the land. Watchman of RAEN vineyards and cellar. Welcome to the family Tui

Enjoying a summer dinner with two vintages of RAEN Fort Ross - SeaView side by side with a lovely Dujac bottling from Bonnes Mares vineyard which is mostly located in Chambolle-Musigny with 1.5 hectare flowing into Morey Saint-Denis this bottling is all from two parcels in Chambolle. Both vineyards are incredible hillside sites, 100% Pinot Noir and were showing incredibly well in their youth last night. They will only get better over the years. 🍷🍷🍷🙌

Wishing everyone a Happy 4th of July!! 🇺🇸 🙌❤️🍷

CADET BROSÉ party tonight | Come taste our ROSÉ along with many other awesome Rosés | We made The Monarch Challenge rose as a way to allow wine lovers to enjoy great wine and also contribute.
Currently our goal is to totally eliminate round-up / glyphosate from our farms. This will take time and understanding but we know we can do it. This will support our farmers health, our neighbors health, our environmental health and help support our sacred pollinators 🦋🐝 who are sadly dying off at an extremely fast rate. Since the introduction of Round/up Glyphosate (1974) the Monarch butterfly population has declined by 90%. Thin about it, 90% decline in just 44 years. These herbicides along with neonics are linked to colony collapse disorder (CCD) in bees and this massive question surrounding the vast disappearance of the world’s pollinators as well… This is just a small portion of the environmental impact herbicides have managed to wreak in this short period of time. These little creatures are responsible for pollinating 30% of the world’s food and 90% of our wild plants. 90% of our plants mean its not just blueberries, broccoli, nuts and other foods but we also depend on bees for a large amount of the clean air on earth. These herbicides are also linked to human health issues like cancer, autoimmune disorders and the growing rate of autism in children. At the moment 93% of Americans have glyphosate in their bodies largely from the widely farmed and consumed corn and soy products. Needless to say we don’t want it here in Napa and Sonoma and are going to find a platform that other farming communities can follow to build a healthier global farming community. More info in bio.

RAEN Bloom | Set go… Grateful for what seems to be a good start to this growing season here in our vineyards. We are in full bloom, which means all of the little caps hiding the flowers have fallen away revealing the female pistil and the male pollen-carrying stamen. Grape-flowers are thankfully a perfect flower meaning it has the ability to set itself without being dependent on bees, butterflies and other pollinators. With that said we are dependent on the all mighty Mother Nature to provide warm even weather and certainly can benefit from a bee 🐝 or two. We are not totally through the woods but these healthy looking flowers and beautiful weather are giving ease to the helpless pressure one feels this time of year. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 #makingraen #raentowine #pinotnoir

Mel( @waihekemel ) joined our team just under a year ago as our enologist and cellar master which marked Dante and my first full time hire at RAEN.  She has proven to be an awesome addition to our small family. This image was taken last year out in Fort Ross - Seaview at our rows of Charles Ranch.  CR is an amazing older vineyard under two miles from the ocean planted to Wente Clone back in 1982. One of the older blocks of Chardonnay planted in rocky clay soils along the coast. #makingraen

Come join us all this Friday night after the Chain Smokers and Bottle Rock concert at CADET. This wild crew above will be co-hosting and the awesome Cadet ninja’s pouring SONS & RAEN, passing out and enjoying delicious food from Otiums Chef Tim Holignsworth. He will be serving slowly smoked pastrami spiced brisket with pickles and white bread hot from his Traeger Grills. The fun starts at 9pm – onward at CADET downtown Napa post. Looking forward to seeing you all there. @Traegergrills #Traegergrills | @sonsbeer | @raenwiney |@cedetwinebar | @skylargrey | @joekwon80 | @otiumla | @cheftimhollingsworth | @elliott__taylor | @dantemondavi | @carlomondavi #hewdyhew

2017 Royal St. Robert blended for the year. 🍷🍷🍷

Our RAEN wine aging selections. These barrels all play an important roll in the evolution of our wines. The smaller the barrel the faster the wines evolve and advance and a more intense impact a new barrel can play on the wine vs the larger thicker staved barrels giving a slower oxygen uptake and gentler impact. Here we have 600L, 500L and 228L vessels. We have been introducing a few new barrels to our wines each year to enable our barrel program to be self sustaining meanwhile giving a very low impact on our wines. Today we are racking, cleaning and blending. 🙌🍷

Beautiful cold, foggy morning out on the Sonoma Coast today. Right now our native cover crop has a bunch of these coastal yellow brush lupines. These lupines are effective nitrogen fixers, improve soil aeration, soil nutrients, prevent erosion and help increase our over all organic soil matter. They bring in all sorts of pollinators and beneficial insects that ward off the pests making our job more enjoyable and easier. Needless to say they are not just beautiful but also an important element to what will eventually become our 2018 RAEN wine. 🌱🌼🌻🍷🙌#raentowine #pinotnoir

Thank you @twinkletoastlv for the great article “RAEN Turned to Wine” in @lvfnbpro !
The link to the full article is in our bio. 🍷

2017 Sonoma Coast Royal St. Robert Pinot Noir quietly undergoing élevage in French oak barriques. We age in several different sized formats for complexity. #pinotnoir #sonomacoast #makingitraen

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