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Richard Hart  Push Periodical independent skateboard magazine featuring film photography


Ryan Barlow and Kevin Coakley, sidewalk surfing in Lisboa from PP8 and the PWTII video. I still have a few copies of the zine I made for the premiere at Vladimir Film Festival, which can be disassembled and reassembled to make two big photos (one is this); see website. Skate footy by @permavacay and the zine assemblage footy by @passionisfordinosaurs excerpted from his forthcoming documentary'Vladimir', and a fine film it is too. #richardhartphoto #vladimirfilmfestival #skatewithafriend #partialworldtour

John Baragwanath. I normally don't even shoot manuals but this was 💪🏻. From PP8 and PWTII video... 📸#richardhartphoto 📹 @permavacay #johnbaragwanath #partialworldtour #johnnybagodonuts #themekons
Also be sure to watch the @theoriesbrand Chicago vid with John and friends ✨✨✨

Bobby Worrest. I wonder if people actually try and skate this thing now..? Probly not. From PWTII vid and PP8.
📸#richardhartphoto 📹 @permavacay
#partialworldtour ✨✨✨✨✨

Zach Chamberlin exploring Bordeaux during the filming of Magenta's 'Just Cruise' a few years ago. Since then, Zach and I have travelled a good portion of the world together and I was honoured to have him make the PWTII video. Check out his new interview on the @theoriesofatlantis site. A friend of ours, Shun the Fire, once captioned a picture of Zach with the apt quotation 'Happiness is a perfume you cannot pour on others without getting a few drops on yourself'. ✨✨✨👌🏻#richardhartphoto #sprinklesf @shunthefire @magentaskateboards

Roger Krebs- Portugese nocturnal wall>bank transference as seen in PP8 (available where you can find it) and the PWTII video (available here and now).. #partialworldtour #richardhartphoto ✨✨✨✨✨

Rubens was a master of the Baroque painting style whereas Worrest is a master of the raw street-skating style. Partial World Tour II video up now! #partialworldtour #richardhartphoto ✨✨✨✨✨

Tomorrow, Weds 1st Nov. #partialworldtour video by Chamberlin, shredding by Worrest/ Coakley/ Baragwanath/ Barlow/ Krebs. Animations by Cosme Studio. Vid accompanies PP8, out now ✨✨✨✨✨

'It'd be sick if you had a sick-ass life and you wrote a dope memoir' -John Baragwanath, working on it. PWTII Antwerp/Lisbon video by @permavacay out soon ✨✨✨#partialworldtour #richardhartphoto #johnnybagodonuts #johnbaragwanath

Smooth operator Jameel Douglas bump to nosegrrr bonk in SF, shortly before heading to Japan. The #sftojapan vid by master Sprinkles is online now; Partial World Tour II vid online in the next few days; have you got the mag yet? #richardhartphoto from PP7. Shout out to @zacgracie for finding this spot 🍻

New stuff is available on the PP site, including the 'Cubist' shirt (and tote and sticker), with art by one of my favourite skaters, Glen Fox; screen-printed by another of my favourite skaters, Don B. Here modelled in NY by Johnny Bagodonuts, and field-tested in Paris by Roy Sunday. 📸 @johnvalenti 📹 @vivienfeil #donbrider #johnnybagodonuts #roysunday

PP8 📒Kevin Coakley switch crook pop-out over the steps in Lisbon. Partial World Tour II issue in shops soon, video online soon. You might even find a limited edition sticker too, if you're lucky..📸🎞📹
#partialworldtour #richardhartphoto

📒PP8 is being sent out to distributors this week; start bugging your skate shop about getting a copy cos they are strictly limited. Zach Sprinkles made an amazing edit for Partial World Tour II (Antwerp/Lisbon); screening this week in Antwerp, online in a week or so. 📸🎞📒📹#richardhartphoto #partialworldtour

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