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Piera Gelardi  Executive Creative Director & Co-founder @refinery29 @29Rooms ❤️ Shop our artist boutique - all proceeds go to @SheShouldRun 👇🏻


"I am committed to people not having to do it alone. There are many, many moments every single day where it is so hard to just choose to stay alive. I cannot stress that enough — moment-to-moment, you’re like, 'I can’t do this, I am too sick, I have been too sick for too long, I have been too beaten down, I am too tired, and it would just be easier to let go.' What stops you is your people.” RIP to brave, beautiful, blue-haired #ChampagneJoy -- the creator of the organization, #Cancerland a support network for women living through breast cancer. Champagne fought for us to go beyond the pink ribbons to tell the real stories of women whose lives are affected by breast cancer. We partnered with her last year and she inspired so many of us in the process. Just today she was doing her life’s work, speaking on a panel before cancer took her (truly #fuckcancer ). She was a major force, a gorgeous spirit. Her soul will be sorely missed but her work will continue on. 💙 (I can't remember who took this pic for us at @refinery29 -- but thank you, it's beautiful)

"I think we’re witnessing the Muslim woman’s renaissance of our time right now, and it’s definitely generational. Just look at the generation of Muslim women before us in Egypt, for example — in the '60s, most of them didn’t wear headscarves. The revival of the headscarf, especially in the non-Muslim cultures of the West, is a reclamation of our Muslim identity in the midst of post-colonial globalization and Islamophobia. For young Muslim women in the West, many of us are the daughters of first-generation immigrants, so we have one foot in two cultures. We’re navigating a path that has never been treaded before. In the process, we’re blazing a trail for ourselves and those who come after us. We’re claiming the space to which we’re entitled. We’re telling our societies that this is where we belong and that they have to make room for us, in spite of us constantly being told otherwise.” This #MuslimWomensDay I want to shout out the brilliant @Amani founder of @MuslimGirl #🙌🙌🙌 Amani started #MuslimGirl when she was a high-school senior living in the tri-state area in a post-9/11 world, where stereotypes plagued the people of her culture and others, she was sick of the feelings that girls like her experienced on a daily basis: alienation, embarrassment, even shame. She wanted the world to know that she and her friends were just like every other teenager. And she wanted their voices to be heard. Her brainchild @MuslimGirl is now dominating the internet, providing a perspective that's rarely seen in the media. It's about empowerment, about feminism, about standing up for yourself (and each other). It's about presenting the world with a new portrayal of what young Muslim women are really like — that they're not oppressed or shunned, but intellectual and inspired, and more than ready for society's respect and acceptance. It has a lot to say, and we're here to listen. #WomensHistoryMonth 📝 @erincunningham x @refinery29

Today, @Refinery29 is proud to join @MuslimGirl on the inaugural #MuslimWomensDay a day to create and amplify powerful, positive messages of solidarity with Muslim women of all backgrounds. How you can participate: 1: Regram and amplify Muslim women’s thoughts and opinions on social media 2: Share articles highlighting the stories and experiences of Muslim women 3: Post a message of solidarity or celebrating a Muslim woman in your life using the hashtag #MuslimWomensDay 4: Post a selfie saying why you're proud to be a Muslim woman ✨Let's celebrate! 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉 #WomensHistoryMonth 🎥 by @mindybyrdlegs x @refinery29 model @underwrapsagency @jaharrah_the_muslim_model R29 dream team: @tobykauf @lilacperez @conconwang

When I was in college, my close friend's dad passed away. I knew I should call her immediately but I was scared... I didn't know what words to say or how to deal with death. That fear paralyzed me and I waited 3 days to get in touch with her. When I finally called, she was furious with me, she told me I was a bad friend and that I had hurt her. I was so ashamed of myself. I called my mom, distraught and my mom gave me advice that I have gone to again and again in my life. She said, "honey, you are human, you are messy and imperfect and you will make mistakes. What separates people of character, is that they know when they have made a mistake and they learn from it and do everything that they can to fix the damage they have done. You cannot avoid making mistakes, but you can gather your courage after you do mess up and go the extra mile to acknowledge, to listen, to learn, and to find the way forward. We are all a work in progress — you have to put in the work to progress." 🌹Thanks @deborahpg for the good advice and @randycurls for your forgiveness. ❤️️ Whose forgiveness are you thankful for? 📷 Photo by beautiful @jucophoto #workinprogress

In the last weeks, it has been brought to public attention that nearly a dozen Black and Latinx teens ages 11 to 17 have gone missing in the D.C. area and many other cases still open. Sadly, up until Friday, this crisis had barely made headlines — let alone garnered the full awareness and attention it deserved. Fortunately the awareness is now building and you can help. As the @womensmarch said "We came out in droves for our Muslim sisters and brothers, for refugees and immigrants, for women as a whole. We ask our supporters to do so again for these missing girls, for our daughters. If we do not take action to address the mass disappearance of Black and Latina girls, we cannot claim to stand for all women.” Please help spread the word, please pressure law enforcement and congress to investigate these cases, please demand that they protect people of color with the same standards as they do white citizens. It's crucial to advocate for missing people of color who don't often get the media & public attention that can lead to their safe recovery. To report any information on the missing teenagers, call the Washington, D.C., Police Department at (202) 727-9099. #findourgirls #stayhuman #missingdcgirls

"We all require and want respect, man or woman, black or white. It's our basic human right." #ArethaFranklin 👑 Happy birthday to the Queen of Soul... so much R.E.S.P.E.CT. ❤️ photo 📷 #fredsabine

Life is but a dream. ☁️ #InspiringMeNow Doug Aitkin's mirrored ranch house reflects the desert surroundings creating a constantly shifting mirage. Has anyone seen it in person... I want to! #DesertX #thesurrealworld 📷 rg @doveviaggi

If I click my heels together three times can I be transported here please?! ✨🌼 📷 @ohhaiitsmee

"I think through my life I’ve expressed every emotion I’ve ever felt through dance at one time or another. When I’m dancing, I’m escaping from whatever is currently going on in the outside world, but it’s also when I’m the most connected to it." — @kiaragudgeon 💃🏻💃🏽💃🏿Hope you’re dancing your way into the weekend!! 💃🏿💃🏽💃🏻proud of my @refinery29 dream team for this video with @asos_us (turn up the sound, the song is mad catchy! 🔊) #r29xasos #r29stylestalking

Guess what?! I’m packing my pink power suit and taking my show on the road!! 💗 On April 26th, I’m giving my Courageous Creativity talk in London for the @d_and_ad festival creativity festival. Majorly honored to be speaking alongside design legend @stefansagmeister (who did iconic covers for The Rolling Stones & Talking Heads and made “The Happy Film” among many other awesome things), Nowness Creative Director #AnnaHiggs and a bunch of other seriously talented creative folks. 💥 Check out @d_and_ad IG story today, I’m taking over! (Photo is of @godsownjunkyard neon crazytown - a pitstop I'm 💯% taking while I'm there) 📷 rg @rebsmdoherty #loveLondon

#InspiringMeNow (and always): legendary artist #YayoiKusama -- dying to get to her show at the @hirshhorn in DC!! 📷 @blindsaay #thesurrealworld

“I've been absolutely terrified every moment of my life - and I've never let it keep me from doing a single thing I wanted to do.” #GeorgiaOKeeffe ⚡️People always talk about “Fearless Leaders” but I describe myself as the “Fearful Leader” because I am constantly scared, feeling as though I am stumbling through life, failing daily in ways big and small. Courage is not the absence of fear, but the choice to proceed despite fear. I make that choice countless times a day. 📷 @entropicdeath

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