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Picture Change  Empowering under-resourced communities to picture change in their lives through photography since 2011.

It’s taken a while to find the words to express my awe & gratitude over the premiere of “Stories From the Source,” our @picturechange student gallery, & even now these scattered sentences won’t cut it.

Earlier this year someone asked me, “Where do you see Picture Change in five years? Don’t give me a list. You have one snapshot. Describe it to me.” I closed my eyes & launched myself into the future. I saw my photography students from all over the globe standing outside the United Nations in New York City. They were gathered for a group photo with many world leaders, for the students had just unveiled a gallery exhibition of their photography. They were able to present, with their own images & words, stories of their lives & communities to the influential people who had power to make a difference.
I said all this & burst into tears, because I knew this dream could come true.
Last week we premiered “Stories From the Source,” an exhibition of Picture Change student photography from 5 different countries. “If only the students could be here to see this!” resounded over & over in my head as I stood on the stairs and watched the people of Nashville filter in and out of the gallery. The images came to life and transported the viewers, allowing them to walk around in someone else’s world for a while.
Most of my students have overcome staggering odds just to survive under incredibly difficult circumstances. Now, many are professional photographers earning a living to support themselves & their families.

I’m humbled to be a part of this & to share my students’ work as they use their voice to make an impact. I’m thrilled for what is to come, that “Stories From the Source” will be displayed in other cities & this incredible, intimate, beautiful work will continue to speak to audiences in other cities and, eventually, to world leaders at the United Nations and beyond.

Thanks to those who made this experience a reality by just showing up. Thank you for donating funds to make this possible, equipment to share this photography, and the time to make it all come together.

There’s so much more to come of this work. Thank you for being part of the journey.

Babies Turtles .
.Padre Ramos is one of the most important places for the hawksbill turtle, they come every year to lay their egg in our beach.
.These hatchelings are being realese to go to the water and one day, in 15 or 20 years hopelly they will come back to lay their eggs in the same place where they hatched, that is how turtles are they have a natural GPS.
.Only 1 out of a thousand hatchelings will become an adult. .
.(photo and caption by @rosyumanzord )

If you want to support this gallery for our Picture Change students, you can sponsor a photo!

Check it out. Click the website link in our bio to sponsor photo and choose one that speaks to you.

It’s great. You’ll get your personal or business name and a message printed and displayed underneath the photo at the gallery premiering this Thursday in Nashville. You can dedicate it to a loved one, use it as a birthday gift, donate on behalf of your business, etc.

Oh, and it's tax deductible. That's neat.


Happy sunday!!
.docummenting your family is important, I learned that from Picture Change.
.These are my nephew and nieces.
(Photo and caption by @rosyumanzord)

I love to wake up early and be able to capture with my camera these beautiful photos of my beautiful place Padre Ramos. .

In the background we can see the Cosigüina vocano, this volcano had one of the most violent eruptions in the history of Nicaragua, on January 22, 1835, its ashes reached a distance of up to 1400 kilometers. . .

Of its almost 2 thousand meters of height, to which originally the Cosigüina volcano was majestically raised, it was reduced to 872 meters of height. A large part of the crater exploded and from those pieces the islets of the Gulf of Fonseca were formed. . .
. (Pictures and caption by @rosyumanzord )

This is a picture of Padre Ramos a small Fishing community , this is where picture change stared its first project back in 2011.
.I'm so glad I met Kate Gazaway (Picture change founder) 7 years ago and She gave me more than just her friendship, she shared with me the skills She knew, those skills will remaind with me for life and they have really changed my life. .
.I will never thanks Picture Change enough, all I can do is just share the impact that have had in my life and I want more people to be involve and impact other kids' life like it did to mine. .
. (Photo and caption by @rosyumanzord)

We are so thrilled to announce our first pop-up gallery on November 8 featuring photography from @picturechange students all over the world!
True to the title, this collection is “Stories From the Source,” beautiful, powerful, intimate moments captured by first-time photographers from Nicaragua, India, Montenegro, Uganda, and refugees now living in Nashville, TN.
The premier will be at @WeWork (901 Woodland St location) in Nashville from 6-8pm. Free admission, a silent auction with swag from local creators, messages from our students, and a few more surprises. Oh! And incredible photography you’ll just have to witness for yourself.
See you soon!

Event design by @bethanyjbauman

“One of the cleaning processes of coffee cherries. .
.This family is from Matagalpa Nicaragua where we have some of the best coffee.”
Photo and caption by @rosyumanzord

This is the place where my school used to be.
.In padre Ramos about 23 years ago we only had one teacher and she only taugh first and second grade, the kids that wanted to go further than that had to walk 4.8km to get to the next School which was based in Jiquilillo.
The bus couldn't come all the way to our community because of the sand that the Tsunami in 1992 brought into the road. .
.The other day I went to take photos for my buisness and I stopped by this place just to see what is left there and there is not much left just this building that used to be the clinic, that also was one of our playground, the best playground of course was the beach, I remember that we used to play with the ocean trying to avoid the water but there were times when we got all wet and got in trouble with the teacher for that. .
.Walking or riding my bicycle to this school was always fun, sometimes we saw turttles laying their eggs and sometimes we got to drink coconuts water because some coconuts trees were down.
In 1998 the ocean began to get into the classrooms, then the teachers decided that it was about time to give up on our School and move to somewhere else. .
.A week later after we moved the school walls fall down. We knew the ocean was not going to stop and it hasn't stop.
"I wonder if the time to give up on our community will come and we all will have to move to somewhere else" .
I just wanted to share a little bit of my memories and what this place mean to me. (Photos and caption by @rosyumanzor)

"Maybe we are little but we are not afraid". .That is what Fernanda said when She score a goal and the other girls team were bigger than them.
.I can't even explain the joy I have when I see these little girls playing and having so much fun, many of their moms and even myself didn't have this opportunity when we were little because we were girls and as girls we were not allow to do many things, even playing with other boys was bad. I wanted to be a boy because their lives seem to be better than the girls’ lives. .
.I'm glad times are changing and little girls can do more now.
. (Photos and caption by @rosyumanzord )

My little niece just enjoying life. No worries just fun at my backyard. . .
(Photo and caption by @rosyumanzord )

“Fishing has changed because now we have less fish. These guys almost always catch a lot of red snappers, these are red snappers that live inside and close to the mangroves. These men are very smart they have home-made harpoons and that is how they catch them, I don't know the steps to do it but I know that the rest of the people that fish in the estruary say they are very brave.” (Photos and caption by @rosyumanzord )

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