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Do you know what's happening in your #heart right now?
Learn more about how blood moves within the different chambers of the heart and through the body.

Your #heart goes on a big adventure throughout your life! Swipe to find out how your heart changes at different life stages.

#InternationalNursesDay is celebrated on the birthday of Florence Nightingale, who set the standard for nursing as we know it. Happy birthday to the Lady with the Lamp!

Can you test yourself and #FindTheFruit in this picture?

Research shows that we are drawn to unhealthy foods versus healthy foods like #fruit.

With 86% of Europeans missing out on their five-a-day, we wondered… how many would notice if #fruit and veggies disappeared completely?

Do you go to #sleep at the same time every night?

Reading a book or checking social media? Which of these activities are you most likely to do before bed?

Do you have your last caffeinated drink of the day more or less than 6 hours before bed?

Do you prefer to #sleep in a warm or cool room?

8 strangers. 1400 miles. One epic road trip to get a great night’s sleep. Link in bio
#WorldSleepDay #SXSW #NoSleepTilAustin

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Does music help you sleep?
Leading up to #WorldSleepDay, Philips has been on a road trip adventure from #LA to #Austin with 8 travelers from around the world.
We reached our destination Monday and took in a breathtaking overnight performance of “Sleep” by @maxrichtermusic at #SXSW

Join our #SXSW experience! Share your tips to wind down using #NoSleepTilAustin and #Philips.

This Valentine's Day, learn about what being in love does to your brain!

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