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Paulo Macedo 

Felipe Gustavo - Nollie Flip Fs Nose #santaclarita #cali #skatelife #skateboarding @fgustavoo

Tyler Squints - Fs Alleyoop Indy #cali #morenovalley #skatelife #skateboarding @tyler_squints

Maybe this can be one more image that you see on your Instagram daily like the others 1000 photos you see everyday or maybe this make you think about the others. I love people, I love realities this is not mine but im sharing with you, I could pass by or I could stop and photography and tell one more story for you. Talvez essa seja mais uma foto que passe por sua conta no Instagram, talvez você somente curta ou talvez você pare e reflita como está o mundo que vivemos e o que estamos fazendo para mudar-lo. Eu poderia ter passado e ter visto esse cara aí jogado como todos os dias vemos nas ruas e ninguém se importa. A fotografia tem uma mensagem muito poderosa através de uma imagem mas só apenas poucos conseguem ver. Essa é a história de só mais um. #manchester #uk #world #traveller #storyteller #photography #photojornalism #life #streetphotography #canon

The streets has been the stage for so many amazing artists, traveling around the world I’ve been watching and documenting a lot people. Many of those artist call my attention with their gifts. This is Francesca Pigeon, she has an amazing voice and she didn’t know that I shot her photo because I was behind of the stage and I was wondering why her last name was pigeon. In the square was inhabited for pigeons and they were the crowd together with every person who passed by in the square. #manchester #uk #singer #portrait #bw #streetphotography #crowd #travel #life #canon

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