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PARTY FAVOR  Full time knob turner

layers season (📸 @kouryangelo )

Morning Ladies🌞 (📸 @simplyyyg )

Kinda Candid (📸 @derekrickert )

They told me to mess up my hair for a couple photos and this is what happened. One part Pauly D and one part me. Introducing Party D mofos (📸 @dbahnphotos )

I literally have no idea what I’m doing (📸 @simplyyyg )

Lol ( 📸 @simplyyyg )

Back in Vegas this sunday for @wetrepublic pool party. Summer is “technically” over but pool season is still thriving and it still feels like mid summer. So let’s get funky in 100+ weather with complete strangers and make memories we will regret forever 🌟💫

Was looking through photos to post and I came across this one. I love it because it’s raw and I’m just a little dot up there. I really enjoy opening up for bigger acts sometimes when I’m on the road. You have less production, less spectacle and it’s all about the vibe. Just you and the music. Maybe you get some lights, maybe you don’t. Maybe the crowd knows you and maybe they don’t. It reminds me of when I started doing this so many years ago. It’s what makes Dj’ing so special to me. That is all. 🏁 ( @simplyyyg )

Habby Favor @habstrakt (📸 @simplyyyg )

Is water wet? ( 📸 @simplyyyg )

Never forget when we partied in 100 degree heat and I made the crowd do jumping jacks🔥🔥 Full tuna melt. @hardfest (📸 @shimazzz_ )

30 years around the sun today. Thank you all for being a part of my life 🏁 (📸 @dbahnphotos )

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