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Well... that’s all from me folks!!! Thanks for hanging out this week and reading a little bit about my life here at school!!! As I look to graduation in 2 weeks, I realize how truly grateful I am for all this university and you guys— the ORANGE community—have given me!!!! 🍊💥🧡Catch ya in the real world! -AA

One of the most remarkable aspects of Syracuse University is the alumni network and their willingness to help current students. This year, I was lucky enough to take two trips with @ischoolsu (a media/tech road-trip and Entretech) which basically link students up with alumni in different cities and allow them to learn about their jobs. I made some invaluable connections on these trips and learned so many best practices for networking. Here I am in Conde Nast, check out that VIEW!!! -AA

I was incredibly lucky to have had the opportunity to spend a semester in London during my junior year with @syracuseabroad. I was able to spend time in 16 different countries and I could argue I learned more in those four months than perhaps during my entire time in school. Here are just a few of my highlights from Europe—there are hundreds more where these came from. (And YES, as a Harry Potter geek, I was on cloud nine!!! ⚡️) -AA

The highlight of my time at SU would probably be being on the @theottoorange team. 🧡💥While I can’t divulge too much about my time on the mascot squad, I will say this: these people are my family and I am so lucky to have them in my life. I know it seems like the goofiest extracurricular activity ever, but nothing can turn my day around quite like getting to spread ORANGE JOY around the community.🍊 -AA

One of the most important aspects of Syracuse University is... drum roll please... the plethora of student organizations you can get involved with. Editing and writing for different campus publications has allowed me to not only grow as a writer but also confirm that I do want to pursue jobs in the media industry after graduation. This year, I was the feature editor at JERK Magazine and worked under an awesome and dedicated team. Look how DOPE the covers are! -AA

Hello and happy Monday Syracuse! 💥My name is Alex and I am a senior dual majoring in journalism in Newhouse and IM&T in the iSchool. This week I am going to give you a small glimpse into my life at Syracuse University and try not to cry over the fact that this is my last week of classes… EVER. I’ll try to keep these brief and let the pictures do the talking, so for now, please enjoy this picture of the Abraham Lincoln statue and me. (Fun Fact: Abe and I share a birthday!) 🎉 -AA

well Syracuse...it has been such a blast taking over the instagram this week and sharing a piece of my life with you! I am so grateful for this university and all of the phenomenal students and professors that i have made everlasting relationships with along the way.
While graduation is just 29 short days away, I have reflected on my last four years all week with you as you’ve followed my journey! If you guys want to share your experience, feel free to apply!!! And just to finish out the week, here is a picture of my rescue pup, Bear! You can catch us at the women’s building or on a run all over campus 😊 he loves Otto and is a huge sports fan!! It’s been real ‘Cuse, see you soon!! -KM •

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I really wasn’t able to pick just one picture, so here are a few from my time of being a student ambassador in University 100. I touched on it earlier this week, but this organization has given me so much. Giving tours to prospective and admitted students and their families is such a life changing experience. If you love @syracuseu and you want to be a face of the university and talk to students from all over the world, consider becoming a tour guide!! -KM

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An experience that I am truly grateful for was my transfer opportunity. As a transfer student to the university, we have a unique opportunity to live with other transfers from all over the country and share our first year experience together. Pictured is my roommate, Isabel, and our other amazing friend and floor-mate Andrew! After our transfer year, we stayed living on south campus together and kept very close in touch being in side-by-side units! Coming from all different universities and backgrounds, transfer students have the chance to get involved in so many activities and bond together through our love for SU. I am so grateful for meeting these two grads, as well as so many other transfer students! -KM

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For as long as I can remember, I have been an athlete. For about 18 years now, I’ve been playing lacrosse (it feels crazy saying that!!) When I transferred to Syracuse, I tried out for the club lacrosse team. I didn’t have any friends quite yet at school, I was still really adjusting, and then I tried out and immediately felt at home. As a four year player, I’ve gotten to spend time with amazing women at this school. We all are involved in so many different things, but a few days a week we come together and play the sport we’ve loved for such a long time. We travel all over the east coast, and this spring semester finished 6-3, one of our best seasons ever! These are just a few pictures of my time playing lacrosse here and some of the amazing teammates I’ve gotten to play with. Being a leader on this team has been an honor, and as we had our last tournament this past weekend, I’m so excited for where the program is going to go! I highly recommend if you want to try out for a club team here at SU, do it! It’s one of the most enjoyable experiences of my collegiate career, and these girls absolutely have my heart. -KM

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one of my favorite experiences that I’ve been a part of here at Syracuse is Student Association. At the beginning of the semester, I had the privilege of joining SA and am one of the two Chief of Staff members. (hi Janine!!) Pictured here are the members of our cabinet and assembly of the 61st legislative session. Student Association is an amazing way to get involved on campus and help create positive changes and get your voice heard at the place that means so much to all of us. This week are elections for our new President, Vice President and Comptroller candidates! If you log on to your MySlice, you can vote for your next elected officials of SA! This organization does so many wonderful projects, I’m honored to be apart of it and for this group of people to welcome me into their family this semester.
If you want your voices heard and to be involved in something amazing, vote today!! Voting will close tomorrow on MySlice so don’t waste a moment! You can find members of SA in Whitman today tabling for students to vote! -KM

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Inside the halls of Maxwell, I am a Citizenship & Civic Engagement major, which is the newest major in the Maxwell school! This is a picture of me and my cohort working on our senior action plans! Each CCE student is responsible for choosing a project or area of study and can create any product they want from it! This group of people is absolutely amazing (and they’re not all even pictured!!) and we have worked so hard around the Syracuse community with various organizations as interns, volunteers and temporary employees to enhance both our personal experiences and our action plans. My action plan was to work with the Sustainability Office and the student body living in residence halls on campus to promote energy efficiency and becoming mindful of our carbon footprint! SU plans to be carbon neutral by 2040, and our students play a great role in this. CCE is an amazing experience and I’m so thankful for the lifelong friends I’ve made in the program. -KM

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