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New England Aquarium  The New England Aquarium is a global leader in ocean exploration and marine conservation.

Behold the Mombasa lionfish. RAWR!

In the wild, #lionfish can be found in the Indian and Western Pacific oceans on rocky reefs, where they spend the day under overhangs and ledges and come out at night to feed. They are fed shrimp and silversides here at the Aquarium. But in the ocean, they are opportunistic eaters and will eat almost anything that fits in the mouths.

Unfortunately, the common lionfish (the brown and white version) have also made their way to the Caribbean Sea and parts of the Atlantic Ocean, where they are a voracious #invasivespecies.

See three species of lionfish in our Armored and Venomous exhibit.

Sierra the #sealion sticks out her tongue when she’s feeling cozy. It’s just something she does. And it’s completely adorable. 🌊 🦁 😛

Sometimes you just need to see an octopus. Freya the giant Pacific #octopus is happy to oblige. 🐙

"Yeah, it's #NationalGrouchDay. SO WHAT?!" • • •
With resting grump face, the orange Asian arowana sulks about its Ancient Fishes exhibit, glaring at its neighbors like the elephantnose fish and the lungfish.

No Sunday drivers here—except maybe Myrtle lumbering about in search of a lettuce snack. #sunday #newenglandaquarium #boston #massachusetts

‘Tis the season for orange leaves 🍁, orange pumpkins 🎃 and orange #lobsters! These beauties are a genetic rarity, occurring approximately 1 in 30 million. Look for colorful lobsters in our cold water exhibits and sometimes during live animal presentations.

Some Friday flow to get us into the weekend. These purple striped jellies are #smoothoperators, pulsing their bell to move through the water while their trailing tentacles remain ever-vigilant for a morsel to eat. #jelly #jellyfish #newenglandaquarium

If a fish ever fancied itself a fashionista, it would be the mandarinfish. Check out this #bluesteel face!

STEM education is not just for kids! Our Teacher Resource Room offers courses for teachers to boost their ocean science literacy, letting them take their new-found science know-how and enthusiasm back to their classrooms. Starting next week: STEAM Ocean Adventures for #earlylearning educators.
More information at [link in bio]

Cuttlefish fashion is on point with the latest trends in camouflage and non-verbal communication. They can change the color and patterns on their skin in an instant using special cells called chromatophores. #cuttlefish #CephalopodAwarenessDays #NewEnglandAquarium

Raise your arms if you're a fan of #cuttlefish! These octopus kin have eight arms, each lined with suckers. They also have two grasping tentacles that can dart out to snatch a quick-moving snack. 📷: @daniijx3 #visitorpicture #CephalopodAwarenessDays #ocean #animal #NewEnglandAquarium #tentacles

If you ask Freya, every day is octopus day. 🐙 • • •
📷: @janewolfson #giantpacificoctopus #newenglandaquarium #cephalopod #largeandincharge

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