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National Wildlife Federation  See the stunning wildlife & landscapes we work to protect! Read National Wildlife Magazine for superb wildlife stories:

Founded in 1914 by Aldo Leopold—then a young federal forester and eventually one of the nation’s greatest conservationists—the group now called the New Mexico Wildlife Federation (NMWF) became one of NWF’s first state affiliates in the late 1930s. “Ever since, it has been an incredibly powerful ally in our work, particularly on public lands issues,” says Lew Carpenter, NWF Rocky Mountain director of conservation partnerships.

Today, with some 80,000 members, @nmwildlifefed is the state’s largest and most influential sporting organization. Its long list of accomplishments includes helping New Mexicans secure protection for 2 million acres of public lands and restore populations of elk, bighorn sheep and pronghorn. It also was the catalyst behind successful efforts to establish the state’s two newest national monuments: Rio Grande del Norte and Organ Mountains–Desert Peaks (above). “We’re focusing a lot of our work these days on connecting young people with nature,” says NMWF Communications Director Susan Torres. One program exposes Hispanic youth to New Mexico’s wild places and cultural heritage. Another teaches fly fishing to veterans to help them decompress from combat experience. “All New Mexicans deserve an equal opportunity to explore and enjoy the great outdoors,” says Gabe Vasquez, NMWF director of community relations. - Excerpt from National Wildlife Federation

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Thank you for joining us for American Red Wolf Week! Remember, the conservation story doesn’t end here. There are plenty of ways you can help this threatened species along its recovery journey. @ArkansasState #SaveRedWolves #EveryRedWolfCounts Read more on our blog:
Photo credit: DJ Sharp / USFWS

Arkansas State University (@arkansasstate) is a proud player in the race to save #redwolves from extinction. The University has helped to raise awareness about the plight of the critically endangered species. Additionally, it is working to incorporate red wolf ecology into its biology curriculum, specifically through the official red wolf repository in its Center for Biodiversity Collections (@arbiocoll) and its proposed red wolf conservation center in Jonesboro, AR. Watch our story & click the link in our bio to learn more! #everyredwolfcounts #saveredwolves .
Photo by USFWS / Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium

It’s important to protect this American creature in its natural habitat. Share a photo of you in your best #RedWolf gear with the hashtag #EveryRedWolfCounts. We’ll choose our favorites - top 3 get Red Wolf plushies!

Watch our story to see how the US Fish and Wildlife Service’s recovery program helped red wolf pups born in captivity to find foster families in the wild. (This Contest is not affiliated with Instagram)

Happy American Red Wolf Week! We’re partnering with Arkansas State University to share the plight of the #RedWolf, an American species in dire need of help. Watch our story this week to see how we’re working to #SaveRedWolves. #EveryRedWolfCounts

PC: Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium

Andrew Black, National Wildlife Federation public lands field director, interviewed veteran and outdoorsman Eric Gonzales about how public lands protected by the Land and Water Conservation Fund have given him a "great sense of peace, healing, & wholeness". Q: What does the Land & Water Conservation Fund and public lands mean to you?

Eric: “As Americans, there are many things we can be proud of when it comes to who we are as a nation. One of the great benefits of our country is the incredible access to our nation’s public lands. Many people don’t realize that the Land and Water Conservation Fund is one of America’s most successful programs and provides funding for outdoor recreation through increased access and opportunity on America’s public lands, supports local parks and trails, restores rivers and watersheds, and protects key wildlife areas. As veterans we share a strong connection to the outdoors and we fought not only to protect our communities, but also access to our public lands that serve as places of healing, peace, and recovery. The Land and Water Conservation Fund not only helps provide essential access to the lands I regularly hunt and fish, but also funds many of our nation’s historic battlefields, including revolutionary and civil war battlefields, the 9/11 Flight 93 memorial in Pennsylvania and Fort Union in my home state. Unfortunately, on September 30, Congress let this fund expire, which is a tragic mistake that will have serious impacts on our communities, sportsmen, and our nation’s veterans.” #veteransday #publiclands #veterans #LWCF #elk #colorado

Tribes are leading the way in buffalo conservation by restoring bison to western tribal lands, their historic habitats. Today is the first day of the historic first Tribal Buffalo Conservation Summit, where tribal herd managers and bison experts will share their successes. Representatives from dozens of other tribes that want to bring buffalo back to their lands are coming to learn and be inspired. On the last day of the Summit, tribal members will celebrate National Bison Day at the Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge with songs, ceremonies, and tributes. Learn more about National Wildlife Federation - Tribal Lands Partnerships Program and our role in assisting with buffalo conservation by watching our video – link via story!
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Happy #Halloween & #BatWeek! 🦇 🎃
Did you know eight native bats are on the federal endangered species list? Here are some specific actions you can take to help beleaguered bats: • More than half of our native bats roost in tree cavities and the narrow, rough spaces between bark and wood. If a dead tree doesn’t pose a safety concern, leave it in your yard. • The next best thing is to put up a bat house for roosting and rearing baby bats, called pups. Consult the @batconservationinternational or National Wildlife Federation Garden for Wildlife™ websites for bat house designs and other tips. Link to magazine & bathouse designs in story! • If you live in the Southwest, cultivate and protect the cacti needed by nectar-feeding bats. • A garden that is good for insects is good for bats, so avoid insecticides. • A pond or water feature for diurnal wildlife will nurture bats at night. • Cat attacks are one of the most common causes of bat mortality, so keep your cats indoors.

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Off the Florida Keys, Ken Nedimyer, retired founder of the @coralrestorationfoundation, tends endangered staghorn coral being grown on a Coral Tree TM for eventual "outplanting" to restore damaged reefs. "Offshore, coral reefs help mute the power of surging seas. But when storms hit back to back, corals can break apart or get bured in sand, and suspended sediments can linger, lowering oxygen levels and blocking sunlight needed for growth." Excerpt from National Wildlife Magazine - link in story. 📸: @stephenfrink
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"Like monarchs, painted ladies complete their long migrations over the course of several generations. Traveling north, female butterflies lay eggs on plants in the daisy family, particularly thistles, on which emerging larvae munch. Once caterpillars have spun their chrysalises and emerged as adults, this new generation continues the journey, fanning out across North America to feed on wildflowers such as blazing star, iron weed, joe-pye weed, milkweed and aster." - Excerpt from National Wildlife Magazine - link in story. #butterflies #insects #migration #milkweed #ironweed #wildflowers #blazingstar #joepyeweed #aster #wildlife #nationalwildlifemagazine

Lansing, W.VA. —Environmental groups applauded a move to keep clean water protections for the Ohio River. The regional body charged with overseeing the health of the river, the Ohio River Valley Water Sanitation Commission, today decided not to vote on a controversial proposal that sought to replace 70 years of regional cooperation among eight states bordering the river in setting pollution control standards. The commission stated they intend to continue deliberations on the matter, and conservation groups see this as an opportunity for more meaningful dialogue about its implications for the future health of the river.

More than 5 million people depend on the Ohio River for their drinking water, and conservation groups staunchly opposed the move to outright scrap the current pollution-reduction arrangement. Massive public input in favor of regional cooperation helped convince commissioners to take a step back and reassess their options.

After the meeting, conservation groups applauded the action by the commissioners and by the governors who appointed them, including Govs. Bruce Rauner (Ill.), Eric Holcomb (Ind.), Matt Bevin (Ky.), Andrew Cuomo (N.Y.), John Kasich (Ohio), Tom Wolf (Pa.), Ralph Northam (Va.), and Jim Justice (W.Va.). #kingfisher #ohioriver #ohiorivervalley #pollution #cleanwater #protectcleanwater #ORSANCO #illinois #indiana #kentucky #ohio #newyork #pennsylvania #virginia #westvirginia #governors #wildlife #conservation

Did you know: A raccoon’s front paws have five “fingers” and they work a lot like people’s hands.
Now that you know more about raccoons, caption this photo!

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