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Nigo BlackBook Toy Takahashi  BlackBook Toy:A Dope Toy Supply CEO/Director ↓🔥@frankkozik Piggums,Alex&Dim SakuraClear(4/21) ↓🔥@marvel_okinawa Sailor Piggums oneoff lottery(4/21-22)

Perfect drop for Easter are @frankkozik Lil Alex SakuraClear!! Also Dim! Not only they are beautiful pastel clear PK cast, they come with 2pcs of PK mini carrots each🥕 These are newly sized down and casted by @mfchop . So now you can put them inside head like cross bones and glow like fire!! And you can let them carry mini carrot in their hand with soft glue. Please note OR one is just sample and not included in the set. Sorry for confusion 🙏
When you purchase both, you would be getting extra 2 mini carrots (random color), so in total 6pcs!!
Anyway these would be on sale at our online shop from April 21st midnight (JP time), which would be 20th 8am(LA), 11am(NY), 4pm(UK), 11pm(HK, TW). With their individual mask and 2 mini carrots, they are only 10,800yen($98) each. Pretty great deal!! Link in my bio!!

The time has come!! 30years after its first appearance on rock poster, Piggums by @frankkozik turned into MADE IN JAPAN sofubi. The debut of this adorable piggy would be clear pastel PK casted “Sakura Clear”. Thanks to classic sofubi articulations, not only can he stand up, he can sit. You can move his head and arms too. Big knife is detachable. standing 19cm(7.5”). On sale at our online shop from April 21st midnight(JP time), which would be 20th 8am(LA), 11am(NY), 4pm(UK), 11pm(HK, TW). Link in my bio!! Don’t forget to refresh the page when the time has come.

420 is just a few days ahead. We have once again teamed up with @marvel_okinawa to make super sick 420 one offs🔥🔥🔥 They must’ve smoked a lot and totally on high. All came out so dope, especially GID GUY and S”K”UM-kun are so AMAZING!! Only 1pc each made. We accept lottery entry from now through 20th(JP time). How to enter and other time zones, please refer to our blog post, link in my bio. Blog says from 18th midnight, but you can enter from now. These are the one offs you might don’t want to miss🔥🔥🔥

Thank you to everyone who stopped by our STS booth! Highlights of this STS are these upcoming sofubi(sample display only at STS).
Buffalo Soldier by @klyonsnatborn and Piggums by @frankkozik . Both got pretty great reactions 😊 Especially Buffalo Soldier is going to be Kevin’s 1st sculpture!! Anyway, Piggums “Sakura Clear” would hit our online shop pretty soon!! Please stay tuned.

STS Day1 has started!! “絶対正義” and “Fuck the Police” one off HELL RIDE by @melowang_bbt are available at our booth A61!! Please come stop by!!

STS booth setup done!! Main graphic drawn by my wifey @melowang_bbt . Totally full of dope shit including amazing one offs by @marvel_okinawa and @melowang_bbt !! Also displaying upcoming sofubi too. Please come say hi to A61. See u tmr!!

we would be in Shanghai for STS this weekend!! But other than STS, we have new drop online!! Hologram Lord Mousezilla micro run painted by @melowang_bbt !! She has perfectly executed that SITH on Clear BL Mousezilla. Comes with clear BL cape and mini saber(random color). Limited only 5pcs, so we accept lottery entry from April 12th through 14th(JP time). 4 of them are cute face and the last one is more realistic face. We would be shipping randomly, so you can’t specify face. How to enter and other time zones, please refer to our blog post, link in my bio!!

New colorway of @ronenglishart Mousezilla is the perfect color of the season!! “Sakura Clear” inspired by Cherry Blossoms which are now in full bloom here in Tokyo🌸Beautiful pale milkyish Clear PK. Comes with mini Mousezilla which is rare RED GID, as Omake(for free)!! It glows like magma🔥🔥🔥These sets would be only 11,000yen(US$99). What a great deal!! On sale at our online shop from April 8th midnight(JP), which would be 7th 8am(LA), 11am(NY), 4pm(UK), 11pm(TW, HK). The last clear BL Hologram edition sold out in a minute, so don’t snooze over!! Shopping page link in my bio. Don’t forget to refresh the page when the time has come!!

HELL RIDE new micro run is Hologram Lord painted by @melowang_bbt !! Another killer work! She has perfectly executed your favorite Sith onto S”K”UM-kun and HELL RIDE🔥🔥Now you know why we casted them in clear BL!!Poured BK paint inside HELL RIDE, which allows you see through clear BL cast around rear wheels and skull face. S”K”UM-kun comes with clear BL vinyl cape and mini saber(random color). Only 5pcs made. 17,000yen($155) is a pretty great deal👍👍👍We accept lottery entry from now through April 7th(JP time), although blog said from 5th. How to enter and other time zones, please refer to our blog post, link in my bio.

Hajime Sorayama x SYNC of Medicom Toy:Sexy Robot plush cushion from their capsule collection are now available at our online shop, link in my bio. They applied PU leather to the sides and back to match with Sorayama’s futuristic and fetish art. MADE IN JAPAN 🇯🇵

遂にこの日がやってきました。 @mxmxm123 との阿修羅Rat Finkソフビが日付の変わる4月1日深夜0時からBBTオンラインショップで販売開始となります。圧倒的なボリューム、驚異の13パーツ構成を原型を担当してくれた @kenthtoyworks が実現。かんちゃくのお陰で第2、第3の阿修羅の腕は360度回転、尻尾も上下、左右に動かせるので、表情豊かです。おまけで無彩色の指人形が付属。こちらも阿修羅仕様でまるで親子の様。更に、パッケージはオリジナルグラフィックがシルクスクリーン印刷されたトート/ナップサックの2Way仕様。これだけの豪華内容ながら、16200円というプライスを実現。と来たら、見逃せないのは言うまでもありませんね!リンクはプロフィールに貼ってあります。時間が来たらページの再読み込みを忘れずに!エイプリルフールではないですよ、よろしくお願いします🔥🔥🔥
Finally this day has come!! Online sales of Asura Rat Fink with @mxmxm123 would start from April 1st midnight (JST). Composed of crazy 13 parts. Thanks to classic sofubi articulations, you can rotate his 2nd and 3rd Asura arms 360 degrees and you can move his tail not only L-R but also up&down. So he’s very very expressive!! Plus it comes with unpainted mini, which is a finger puppet. This little guy is also Asura, so they are like father and son. Huge thanks to @kenthtoyworks who sculpted these!! What’s more, they come in screen printed 2way bag(Tote bag/Knapsack). Last but not least is it’s only 16200yen a set!! What a great deal🔥🔥🔥Shopping page link in my bio, don’t forget to refresh the page when the time has come!! THIS IS NOT AN APRIL FOOL’S JOKE!!

So you remember we mentioned Asura Rat Fink with @mxmxm123 comes with a finger puppet as Omake(for free)? Here they are!! Little Green Army!! Now @melowang_bbt is painting the last touches 🎨THIS IS NOT GOING TO BE AN APRIL FOOLS JOKE!! That means...

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