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Jacob Banks  Don't get sucked in, we only post the good times.

ATL, you already know it’s love every time, looking forward to doing it all again 🌻

Nashville, You’re up, let’s have a good one tonight 🌵

Sang about Caroline in a cold locker room for you lot ❤️ Catch the full vibe on YouTube
Another one courtesy of the wonderful humans at @youtubemusic #artistontherise
Brought to by @wearenob0dy and @frmwrkldn

Orlando, Thanks for the warm welcome, let’s do it again sometime 🕺🏾 See you tonight Atlanta 🎯

Merry Valentine’s Day 🌹

Birmingham AL, thank you for coming through with the vibes 🎉

See you tonight Orlando 🌹

New Orleans, so much love for you guys and your wonderful city, thanks for last night ❤️ See you tonight Birmingham AL 🌵

Houston 🚀 thanks for a wonderful memory ❤️ New Orleans, looking froward to seeing ya tonight and eating all your food 🎉

Vibes were exquisite in Dallas last night ❤️ See you tonight Houston 🚀

Visuals out now on @youtube
Love ain’t enough
And the redemption of @therealghetts
Thank you the wonderful humans at @youtubemusic for helping me put this visual together

Director - @mrjacobbanks x @frmwrkldn
DOP - @sammeyerdop
Steady op @steadiseb
Production - @wearenob0dy @frmwrkldn
Producer - @malikbeard
Stylist - @svenkanah
Thank you to all the wonderful people that made this possible ❤️

Austin, thank you for having us last night 🌹
See you tonight Dallas 🚀

Austin 🌻 See you lot tonight ❤️

Coming to a city near you 🌵 link in the most unsuspecting place