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Michael Ausiello  President and Editorial Director of TVLine.com; competitive Smurf collector and Diet Coke drinker; author of 'Spoiler Alert: The Hero Dies'

I made a list! Thank you @outmagazine for including me in this year’s #out100. I hope it doesn’t go to my head but I’m worried that ship may have already sailed! (Story is linked in bio.) photo by @martinschoeller

No biggie. Just me and @elizabeth_gilbert_writer hanging out at #thelotusclub and sharing our experiences as caregivers. Thank you to the Brookdale Department of Geriatrics and Palliative Medicine at @icahnmountsinai for including me on such a distinguished panel (that also featured author Jennifer Homans and Dr. Cardinals B. Smith) and for serving such yummy hummus at the post-panel reception.

A new month brings a new theme over at @kitcowanarchives... #Repost @kitcowanarchives with @get_repost
One of Kit's first jobs upon arriving in New York in 2000 was as creative director at the fast-casual sandwich chain Cosi. He worked out of the company's then-corporate office on West 37th street, which was located within spitting distance of the Empire State Building. He would lock eyes with the iconic skyscraper on a daily basis and yet the sight of the landmark never got old to him. He would actually greet her with a quiet "good morning" during his AM commute (as he later confided to Michael during a weekend shopping excursion in midtown). He was always grateful to see her still standing there, towering over the world's greatest city — one he felt fortunate to call home for the final 15 years of his life. During that time, he took tens of thousands of (mostly spontaneous) photos. Here's the first of our 30 favorites.

Photo © Kit Cowan

“Dear Sally... “ #pmchalloween2018

#waybackwednesday to (I think) 1983. The occasion was (I think) Middle School graduation. The gift from (I think) my mom was this plush koala bear with graduation cap which (I think) was purchased at the iconic #GiftExpressions.

In honor of the Smurfs’ 60th anniversary today, all Halloween merchandise in #TheBlueStore will be 60% off the retail price while supplies last first come first serve and just a reminder that #TheBlueStore does not accept competitor coupons and is also not a real store and yes I’m in therapy thank you! #smurfs60

Find someone who looks at you the way @mandymooremm looks at you after asking you a penetrating question during a q&a at @booksoup. A big thank you to all who came out last night and a special shout-out to Mandy for being the second best moderator on my book tour after @therealjimparsons who was No. 1 because he optioned my book and I’m contractually obligated to keep him in the top spot. Oh, and @pfischler, if you’re reading this and wondering where you ranked I can assure you it’s in the top 10 which is funny because my book tour only had nine stops. #spoileralerttheherodies #booksoup

Grilling @mandymooremm for #ThisIsUs scoop while we wait to take the stage at @booksoup. It’s like pulling teeth!

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Don’t miss @michaelausiello in conversation with @mandymooremm for his brilliant book SPOILER ALERT: The Hero Dies, tonight at 7pm!
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When I was hired at TV Guide back in 2000, I was a big ball of nerves and anxiety. I was only a few years out of college and I was at TV freakin' Guide! Compounding my jitters was the fact that I was working for the then-fledgling website and there was a weird church/state tension in the office between the high and mighty print staff and us digital folks. It was rare for a "print" person to speak to — or even acknowledge — a member of the lowly web team. But there were a few exceptions. One of them was Nerina Rammairone. She could not give two shits about office politics, so she wouldn't hesitate to say hello to me in the hallway or at the elevator. It quickly became clear that we shared a very similar comedic sensibility (fueled by extreme sarcasm and inappropriate humor) and we became work buddies. She also took the unprecedented and controversial step of throwing me a few coveted assignments in the cable edition of the magazine (which she oversaw with the also-amazing Rochell Thomas.) I'm sure she ruffled a few (print) feathers but, again, she did not give a shit. We stayed in touch (mostly vial social media) after I left TV Guide in 2008. And we occasionally bumped into each other at industry events or on the subway during our very similar morning commute to midtown. And it always felt as if no time had passed. Within seconds we were cracking each other up with some bitchy observation or story. Last week, Nerina died at the age of 44. High-grade neuroendocrine cancer was the culprit. And it totally and completely sucks.

@andrewhleeds in his natural habitat

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