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Michael Ausiello  President and Editorial Director of TVLine.com; competitive Smurf collector and Diet Coke drinker; author of 'Spoiler Alert: The Hero Dies'

Without further ado, I give you... #TheBlueStore* (fka #UntitledSmurfProject) * Not open to the public; by invitation only
Special thanks to:
Darra Bishop (@BespokeDesign99), Joe Schmelzer (@Treasurbite), @themartcollective, @VeniceVintageParadise

The #UntitledSmurfProject will premiere next week, but first... one final teaser trailer! I know I said Teaser Trailer No. 3 — starring @instadanjlevy — was the final one, but after conducting a series of focus groups across the country we discovered that awareness of #UntitledSmurfProject remained, how shall I put this... modest. Hence a fourth teaser trailer. Thank you for your patience. I promise you it might be worth the wait!

Happy #BacktoSchool season from your friends at the #UntitledSmurfProject (swipe right for a closeup view!). #ComingSoon #TheWaitIsAlmostOver

This is my “I REALLY want to finish binging the final season of #Casual before bed but I’m wiped out and have to get up at 6 am so I guess I’ll have to finish #Casual tomorrow night and ooh this lighting is good and I look kinda sexy and I’m gonna post this photo on Instagram and make the caption all about #Casual ‘cause otherwise I’m just posting a random photo of me looking kinda sexy in an orange tank top and people will think I’m a narcissist but that ship has probably already sailed so what do I have to lose” face.

I spent much of my adult life running away from this little mischief maker. Not anymore. I love him and I’m grateful @bad_robot is giving me a reason to spend some quality time with him. I’m also thankful for the outpouring of love and encouragement I received today from all of you. I’m a very lucky guy. ❤️

Oooh.... this show sounds right up my alley. (link in bio)

#SDCC wardrobe Day 5 (#NikeDriFit via @nike)

#SDCC wardrobe Day 4! (Design by @bomdesignz via @teepublic)

I very, very, very, very much enjoy interviewing this man. (Video to come at TVLine.com.) #sdcc #sdcc2018

#SDCC wardrobe Day 3! (Design by @risarodil via @teepublic)

First promotional photo of @OfficialTomEllis and my new pop group #TheDevilDogs. Debut single #HadesSpeech drops this fall. #sdcc2018 @luciferonfox

#SDCC wardrobe Day 2 (Design by @vo_maria via @teepublic) #SDCC

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