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Michael Ausiello  Founder and EIC of TVLine.com; competitive Smurf collector and Diet Coke drinker; author of 'Spoiler Alert: The Hero Dies'


Oooooh.... Ahhhhh.... I gots me some #landscapelighting

Seeing all the ❤️ on here for Mister Scooch fills me with joy and sadness but mostly gratitude. Thank you.

R.I.P. my beloved Mister Scooch. Thank you for filling our home and our hearts with so much love. (photos by Kit Cowan)

The plot thickens...

What am I doing to the side of my garage?! Stay tuned! #UntitledSmurfProject

Today marks three years since Kit died. He left behind a photo archive that could fill thousands of galleries and coffee table books. Each time I do a deep dive into the myriad external hard drives he left behind (with @jenrenninger’s help) I discover images I never knew existed, like the selfie series I'm sharing with you here. According to the file date/location, they were taken in our West Village apartment on April 3, 2014, roughly two weeks after Kit received his grim cancer diagnosis and just days after I picked up our official, freshly-sized wedding bands from the jeweler. As I scroll through images like these, I can't help but think of all the times I harangued him about being a lousy communicator. Little did I know.

Found this circa-2002 gem last weekend while doing some organizing/decluttering. Kit and I were staying at some fancy hotel that had an antique couch that was straight out of Rose’s opulent Titanic suite. Kit handed me one of the 600 feathers I had picked out of the pillows (a habit I developed as a kid) and, channeling his inner Jack, deadpanned, “I want to draw you like my French girls... holding this.” [Beat] “Holding ONLY this.” Turns out my nutjob boyfriend of less than a year was REALLY committed to this bit, so I set aside my insecurities and played along. I would like to extend a special thanks to @jenrenninger for so generously pixelating my naughty bits to make it safe for Instagram. The original, uncensored version is available upon request. #fbf

#TBT to the summer after my high school graduation in 1990 when I broke out my Brother (TM) word processor and wrote an #emptynest spec script because IT WASN’T GONNA WRITE ITSELF.

This is my first shameless “Look at me bonding with #MisterScooch OMG it’s my perfectly lit naked torso how’d that get in there I guess I’m one of those gays now oh well we’re gonna probably lose our country tonight and I’ve been lifting weights so it’s now or never” selfie.

Just when I thought I couldn't love @kinkybootsbway more, @jakeshears joins the cast as Charlie Price and KILLS it. A sensational performance in a show that's more relevant and vital than ever.

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