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melody darlene hernandez  vice president at @dm2 co-founder @thebodydepartment @goalgang @whattheflicka #melhustle 👩🏻‍💻


“Bryce, casually walk to the other side of this pool & take a pic of me. ....make sure to get this yellow vibe, too.” - me
“Say no more, sis.” - @brycexanthony
#truestory #extraaaa

“Should we tell them we’re late bc we had a photo shoot in front of the hotel?” #bridalshower #joeyandcarissaforever

#joeyandcarissaforever 💍❤️🙌🏼👌🏼👰🏻🤵🏻

Como la flor, con tanto amor!🌹❤️💃🏻🎤 ...As a Mexican American, growing up & watching Selena & her success was so inspiring. For myself & so many young latin girls in the 90s, Selena was finally someone on TV who looked like us, a superstar, an entrepreneur & reassurance that “yes, we can.” Despite being first generation here in the US, Spanish was not my first language & I didn’t grow up in a traditional Mexican household, so as a child I was often confused about who I was bc I was mixed (“you have to be Mexican enough for the Mexicans and American enough for the Americans”), but I never felt any less Latina. After Selena’s passing & learning more about her similar upbringing, I related to her even more on a personal level. Her star on the WOF is legendary & so symbolic for the #Latinx community. Coming here with my cousins was important to us on so many levels. I’m beyond grateful for #Selena & the legacy she leaves behind & for her ability to bring together communities through song (whether you speak Spanish or not, you know the lyrics to Bidi Bidi Bom Bom!). 👑 #SelenaForever 🙏🏼

This past weekend i was in #Ojai celebrating the union of @jessica__eden & @leibow. The entire weekend was magical from start to finish. There was no detail forgotten, nor one corner untouched. Words do not do it justice. And truthfully, neither do photos (which is why my only photos of the entire weekend are these flowers lol!). Jess, we didnt get to take a selfie, which I’m kinda bummed about, but I’m happy to have left you with 8593 photos of me in your wedding photobooth gallery (i was drunk and living my inner Beyoncé). Thank you for including me in such a major life moment. And to your parents, @colinsapire & @caronsap, thank you for such a wonderful weekend. Jess is an incredible woman and that is a reflection of just how awesome you guys are (the speeches were 🙌🏼👌🏼). Congrats, Jess & Alex! Mazel! ❤️💍 #theleibows

This is a pumpkin. Soo, yeah. Happy HalloQween! 🎃 | 📸: @_jane

Last week was National Boss’s Day & my team made my day with these thoughtful treats (issa late post). Y’all are so fun to work alongside! Work is 100x more enjoyable when you love the ppl you work with. Thanks for the daily laughs (& the daily tea 😜)! 🙏🏼❤️👩🏻‍💻 #melhustle

On Sundays we paint. | I recently read a really great article, "6 Things You Need To Recover From Every Day." It's lengthy, but honestly if you're an entrepreneur or married to your work, you NEED to read this (I've added the link to my bio). One of the items listed to recover from was People, "This isn’t about being introvert or extrovert. We all need time with people and time alone. If you’re not getting at least 20–30 minutes of non-distracted alone time to think big picture or even specific, you’re not living optimally." AMEN! Today I cleaned, read a book, cooked, juiced, & painted... alone. I live alone so I do most things solo, but today I made a conscious effort to be by myself. Turned down brunch, an event, & family. It was so therapeutic... especially the painting. Anyway, I'm rambling now, but go and read this article from @thrive by @benjaminp.hardy - link in bio (also join the Facebook group BODY to share info and articles on health, wellness, skincare, & everything related to our bodies). 🙏🏼

We've been working on rebranding @thebodydepartment & creating our very own athleisure collection for the past year. I co-founded TheBodyDepartment.com w/ @dm2 back in 2014. We originally launched as a wellness editorial destination for women, but as the digital editorial landscape shifted (let's face it, we now consume content on social not blogs or sites), I knew we had to refocus - more on that in the "About" section on the site. The Body Department has over half a million followers on Facebook and over 26k on IG, so we knew there was value in creating a new experience for our community. I remember pitching the idea to my business partners earlier this year and I was lucky enough to have them trust me with my vision and be on board. There have been SO many people involved in creating this collection (it really takes a village) & so many learnings along the way - from graphic designs, product designs, site design & development, marketing, social media, photography, video, operations, creative direction, seo., et al (thank you all). It hasn't always been easy, but for the first time in a long time I'm really feeling creatively and entrepreneurially fulfilled. Don't get me wrong, I love all the other entertainment stuff I do for my clients and brands, but there is nothing like creating something that you have ownership of decisions, designs, creative direction, branding, and everything in between. I feel like a proud mom. But as proud as I am of the brand, I am most proud of everyone who has helped work on it. The team is the real MVP! I thank you all for trusting and believing. Especially @carissasimons - thank you for trusting that we were creating something amazing. I could NOT have done this without you and your commitment to the brand. To @paulallan - u understood & executed the vision from day one! And @lpicarazzi, thank you for letting me steer this ship & trusting me! We officially launched today & as scary as this is (are people gonna like it? Are ppl gonna buy?), it's also really exciting to take a leap and go for it. Please support me and follow @thebodydepartment and spread the word! Shop is open, so have at it! #linkinbio #melhustle

We went on a TRIP last night! @jheneaiko congrats on the new album, mamas! Been listening to it 2 days straight 🙌🏽. And shout out to @brycexanthony for steady getting me out of the house and out of my grandma 👵🏼 ways. I love you suga!

You guys! Please support me and go follow @thebodydepartment. We are launching our first activewear/athleisure collection in 1 week! This is my baby & something I've been working hard on with my team for the past year. Previewing the designs all week on IG so please go follow 🙏🏼: @thebodydepartment #melhustle

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