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This will be a moment at #burningman that I will never forget. I just got a message from @jamrockjamie & @tteexxaass , that right after I photographed these two beautiful people, they got married ❤️ ....The happiness and love in your faces makes me smile. Thank you Lindsey and Jamie for sharing your day with me. Sending you all love and happiness. #blackrockcity #love #happiness #lgbt #photooftheday #playa #desert #kiss #peace #family #strength #equality

This year has been the hardest year of my life, so many obstacles, so many loses, so much suffering and pain. I didn’t know how I would stand up each day. But then I did. I started to walk then run in another direction, that’s when I realized I just didn’t have the right people around me, the people that will look into your eyes and say “I’m here, I love you” they stand by your side always, even if the world is on fire around you. They bring you laughter, happiness and love. These are the people that I’ve chosen to have by my side now. A few weeks ago, some of these friends, came together and helped me build my first mini studio in #blackrockcity, Burningman. Their love is unmeasurable. What they have given me I will forever be grateful. Each and every person I was able to photograph brought such love to my heart. After this past year, I’m so grateful and blessed. To my family and friends with #plannedplayahood camp, thank you. I love you.
To begin, I wanted to share the first of this series. @415uke @lisahurtmaker this image says everything to me. Thank you Luc and Lisa. #blackrockcity #burningman #love #happiness #strength #family #hope #inspiration #beautiful #photography #tbt #photooftheday #naturallight #playa #desert

If someone told me 20 years ago I’d be running marathons, I probably would’ve told them they were crazy. I’ve always been active in one way or another...but marathons 🤔, never. Then a few years ago, some friends said they were going to run the #hollywoodhalfmarathon and I signed up. The energy of running with thousands of people was incredible. But then a couple months after the race, I felt a pain in my right knee and got it checked out. The Doctor told me that my knee repair from when I was a kid had “displaced” , I had no more ACL in my right knee. Then the surgeon said “you can still run, just go straight, you’re not going to be skiing, or sports that can put pressure laterally on your knee, but YOU CAN live without a ACL.” Even then, I thought my running was over. It wasn’t for me. My confidence was broken, I remembered my ski accident when I was a kid, the pain I felt, it really scared me, discouraged me. Then the following thanksgiving a friend said, “you want to go for a run” I did, and It felt great. I got a rush of energy and confidence, a feeling of strength. I immediately signed up for another half marathon. Now, 3 1/2 years later, I’ve ran 22 races. 9 full marathons and 14 half’s. Yesterday, I ran my 9th, #sanfranciscomarathon , for me Sf has always been the toughest mentally. The ground, the terrain, just beats on you every mile. When I think about it now, I can’t believe I’m able to do it. At the end of this year or next, I’m hoping to do my first 50k (33mile), who knows, maybe a 50mile in the future. Today.....I’m just #grateful and #blessed to have the opportunity to run. I feel lucky. 🙏❤️ Thank you to all my friends and family for the love and support. Thank you to @smartypants for all of your continued support. You’re amazing! #running #health #love #sanfrancisco #california #courage #endurance #picoftheday #newbalance #nike #passion #inspiration #smartypants #nevergiveup #strength #happines

Happiness, fear, love, gratefulness, reality, empathy, sadness, scared, stress........really no words can describe our true feelings, nothing can really prepare you for when life decides to throw you off a cliff. You just have to step up and do the best you can. We don’t really know how to deal with it, no one teaches you, there are no training courses or education, when you fall, you have to believe in yourself and get back up. As much as it hurts, as much as it appears to be impossible and there’s no way you’re going to survive, something tells us to fight. As human beings we all have it, a need to live, a need to love, a need to get back up when we fall and find happiness again. 8 months ago I watched as my father became paralyzed with 36hrs from the neck down after getting a rare syndrome called Guillain-Barre, they didn’t know if it would be permanent, they told him that he’d have to fight and the road would be “tough and long”. 8 months later on June 29th 2018, I flew to New York to be there with my father as he walked on his own out of the hospital. His resilience, bravery and strength is unmeasurable. I love you dad. Welcome home ❤️🙏 #dad #love #inspiration #strength #family #memories #happiness #fearless #newyork #california #brave

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