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Klarna  Change the game. Get smoooth. #getsmoooth

Smoooth Dogg knows how to do it. Relax now, pay later. #getsmoooth

Gold peanut butter? Yep! It’s so smoooth even Dogg's want it. You might wanna pay later, though. #getsmoooth

Get smoooth and it’s easy to be this happy.

See something you like?

Running in slow-mo because why hurry when you can pay later? #getsmoooth

The coronation of Smoooth Dogg. Welcome to the world of Klarna. #getsmoooth

Welcome Smoooth Dogg. Our newest member in the Klarna family.

Here for the coronation. Here to Get smoooth.

Walking towards a new era.

Tried our app? It has loads of nice features, all with one purpose: to make your life even more smoooth.

Even the best can forget. But you won’t. Download our app and get reminders when it’s time to pay. #smoooth

No one likes waiting. When you shop with us, you’ll see your purchase in the app just seconds after your order has been placed. #smoooth

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