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Kenny Hoyle 🐊  Hoop and some skateboarding. @celtics

@_thatguybp new Tee ideas let’s goooooo @celtics
#larrybird #kyrieeeee

Look how hyped the crowd is when they heard 33 days until the NBA season starts @celtics baby let’s gooooo


If you live in Carlsbad and support small business then I need you to come down to Carlsbad City Hall tonight at 6 and show your support for my buddy @curiositykilledthecam and his newly opened skate shop, @elmstreetboardshop!
We have a classic case of David vs Goliath, where big business is trying to come in and take down the little guy. In two short months Cam has given kids a place to hang out and skate, has partnered with charities, restored a sense of Carlsbad pride and unity through the historic ‘Elm Street’ brand name, and brought people together through events which ultimately benefit community relations. And all on his own dollar. This place is more than a skate shop. I hope to see you all there 👊🏼
#elmstreetboardshop #worldssmallestskateshop

@welshington this is where it’s at! 👌🏼
( Repost from @_v_i_c_ )
#pier7 👐🏼

It’s Thursday. Let’s throw it back.
Nollie V Flip at Leo Mullen.
Photo | @altonphoto

This was the first trick I filmed after I came back from when I cracked my head. I always liked this clip and I don’t think we ever used it for anything 🤔
[Filming by @alan_hannon]

Two incredibly caring, upstanding, sweet men. I’m talking about myself and the guy in the back. I don’t know about these two. 😜 I love you Kev @ktyrrell47 and Hamish hahahaha
📸 @courtneycoopah

Short story: Two weekends ago @blue_scum4l and I got back to backs at old CBP.
I nollie cabbed the drop and he backside flipped it. He’s always had the best backside flip. It reminded me of this edit I made of him a few years back. In fact, there are a few backside flips in here as well. Swipe left to peep the entire edit.
Filming by @ericlesar | @alan_hannon | @dana_shaw | @curiositykilledthecam | @tannerrowe | and myself

My good friend Cameron Wetzler (@curiositykilledthecam) recently opened a skate shop in downtown Carlsbad called Elm Street (@elmstreetboardshop). Located just east of @pizzaport and sharing the parking lot with the infamous Carlsbad flat gap, it is proudly the world’s smallest skate shop! If you’re in the area stop by to skate the flat bars and hang out! It’s the small shop that’s doing big things!
#worldssmallestskateshop #elmstreet #skateshop

@drillbittroy just sent me this saying, “Nollie heel in your honor.” Let me get a crook revert bruh share the wealth!
#transworldskateboarding #mvp #goat

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