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it's not what you think.
#mymumndad #dummastqalandar

I'm happy to report that my #innerchild is ageless and alive #whenwithkidsbecomeakid

when you play after long, you get to sit out after #half-time
but when you have @sikandarkher @walia_bunty and @vaibhavdaga9 giving you company, your 45min turns to 5.
and it back in da game.

Beautiful start to a beautiful day, took the girls to celebrate their #19thmonthsary❤️ on the 19th.
#omnamoshivaya #daddysangel #bella #vienna

I've realised a couple of things in the past few months..
One is, that raising a child is not only a full time mother's job, but a father has an equal part to play, too.
I'm seeing my children grow everyday, sometimes, even overnight...
I've consciously made it a point, that as much as I'm giving time to my work, I will also spend a lot of time with my babies, coz this is the time you build that bond with them, this is the time they need their Mom & DAD.
My eyes well up when they call out "dad" "dad," when they only want to be fed by me, when they are crying and only want to be with their father. It's a feeling I'm never going to get back. I feel a sense of joy, happiness and fulfilment. And as they keep growing, I reminisce about every moment I've already spent with them...
And second thing I've realized is... there will come a time when these little angels will have a world of their own, and again, it will only be #MEANDMYGIRL @bombaysunshine
#neverforgetdads and #FORSURE #NEVERFORGETWIFE
#happy19months @twinbabydiaries

what a great time @tictactoe_juhu with #friendswhoarefamily
#nikkikeswani your place is great not only for kids but for adults with kids too 👍

I'm so so so happy for you 2
welcome to the world full of diapers, pacifiers, cute smiles and ofcourse no sleep
butt it's all fun fun fun
i love this phase

#Repost @karan9198 (@get_repost)
A lifelong festival begins for @ankzbhargava And Me this November ...! #ConnotWait #Excited #Blessed #MomAndDaddaSoon ....! 🙏🙏 thankyou @shrutitejwaniphotography for the #Dhamakedaar #Photoshoot

When your dad is cooler than you in his days.... #baaptohbaaphotahai
#riderofthestorm shooting for his film #thiefofbagdad

wishing the mother of my children @bombaysunshine a very #happymothersday
sweety, I'm so inspired and impressed by the way you have been raising these kids @twinbabydiaries .....
The first time i saw you handle a baby was @equestrian06 in her childhood days, I knew from then only, the day we have babies, you would be the best mother our babies would have.
I love you so much sweety... #bella&;Vienna are so lucky to have you.

My mother.. the mother of my wife.. the mother of my children.. I love and appreciate them all so much! #happymothersday to all Moms - you are amazing, fantastic women and I salute you all!

Happy mommies day to my lovely mum and to all the mums in the world.

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