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Sajeeb  debut album The Cure To Loneliness out April 5th

I already know your ways 🥀

so stoked to be releasing The Cure To Loneliness on vinyl. pre-order yours to get it on April 5th - we’re only making a limited amount. jaiwolf.co/store 💿

your way feat. @daywave is out now💔
- - -
animation by @tayloroishi

I lied. Your Way feat. @daywave is out a day early. happy valentine’s day 💔

lyric video by @tayloroishi - link in story

your way feat. @daywave - out feb 15 💔

hope you guys enjoyed the last few posts on how we made the Lose My Mind video. I used to obsess over behind-the-scenes features on DVDs (I’d always buy 2 disc deluxe editions) to see how they made all my favorite movies.
much love to @andrewdonoho for directing the video and the incredible crew for helping us bring this story to life. creating (beyond music) is so dear to me and I can’t wait to work on the next video 🎬

I was really moved by the iconic Spike Lee dolly shot used in the finale of BlacKkKlansman. I texted @andrewdonoho that we needed it in our video and we both knew exactly when to use it 🎥

the destruction of the Arcadia space station was one of the more ambitious shots in the Lose My Mind music video. while writing the concept I had envisioned the start of the outro to sync with an explosive space disaster (inspired by some key scenes in both Interstellar and Sunshine). very proud of how it turned out.
VFX by @mfxdesign

‪storyboarding was an integral step in our process to make sure we had a strong visual understanding of what the music video was going to look like before we started shooting. swipe to see the storyboards for these selected shots + you can see more in my story.
storyboard artist: @mike_pappa_

Creating Lose My Mind🚀
full video on YouTube
link in story
🎥: @dashgrey

rocketing around
📷: @dashgrey

when I had written the initial idea for the Lose My Mind music video, I had envisioned a woman (specifically a WOC) in space to play the lead role. after @andrewdonoho and I combed through dozens of ppl who responded to our casting call, we eventually narrowed it down to 2 people. it was @kallyincali’s incredible reel and dancing background that made her stand out. our video demanded a wide range of emotions - kally was able to do everything from carefree dancing to succumbing to the insanity of being confined in space for 5 years. thank you kally for bringing the spirit of this video to life✌🏽
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📷: @dashgrey

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