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Jennifer Lopez  #WorldOfDance Returns 5/29 #ShadesOfBlue Returns 6/17 #SecondAct Out Nov 2018 #JLoVegas, #AlliHave #JLOxInglot, #ElAnillo, #Dinero

Only one week left til #VMAs and I’m feeling nostalgic! I’m sharing some of my favorite video moments from the last 20 years…this is WAITING FOR TONIGHT….it was the second video I ever did, “If You Had My Love” was first. It was also the first time I went into the editing room and sat side by side with the editor, Dustin. That’s when I realized the magic of editing. Since then, I’ve been involved in the editing of all my videos. WFT is one of my all-time favorites because it stands the test of time, it was 1999, just about to be 2000 or Y2K--everyone thought the world was going to crash, so the director Francis Lawrence and I just threw the ultimate rave in a rainforest!!

Only 2️⃣ more episodes of #ShadesOfBlue to see where Harlee’s fate lies‼️ TUNE IN TONIGHT‼️ It will be💥 💥 💥 @nbcshadesofblue @nbc 10/9c

Gone fishing 🇮🇹 💋

Ti Amo Italia!!!! 🇮🇹 #summertimefun #bestlunchever #LoScoglio #desperatelyseekingItalia 💋💋💋

5️⃣4️⃣3️⃣2️⃣1️⃣ 💋Countdown to the #VMAs

With love from Capri... ♥️ 📷by: @lacarba

Sunset serenity... #priceless 📷 by: @lacarba 🇮🇹

Capri 2018 🇮🇹💋 @lacarba took this photo

Marissa & The Heartbreakers💔 are ready to wreck shop‼️ Don’t mind us we’re just dueling away on #worldofdance over here - Tune in tomorrow night!! 8/7c on @nbc!!! @nbcworldofdance 🙌🏼🤺🙌🏼

Hey guys, excited to announce I am starring in and producing a new movie called Hustlers, based on a true story of a group of strong ambitious badass women and directed by @lorenescafaria #womenproduced #womandirected #womenstarring
#letsgooooo #itsallaboutthehustle

I love this song!! It’s a tradition here at Fenway Stadium where the Red Sox play at the bottom of the 8th inning to play #Sweetcaroline!! My mom said this song came out around the time I was born and her and my dad used to sing it to me but when the sweet Caroline part came they would sing Sweet Jennifer... so whenever I hear it I see a picture in my mind of my mommy and daddy singing to me as a baby and it always makes me happy inside and smile real big on the outside!! #lovemymommy #lovemydaddy #sweetcaroline #sweetjennifer #yankees #redsox #sundaynightbaseball #summertimefun☀️ ⚾️💙

This is AWESOME!! Thank you MTV!!! #Iwantmymtv #videovanguard #thebestisyettocome #ifyouhadmylove

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