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In Bangalore, Varun Panesar (@varunpanesar) passed a rainbow assortment of stuffed bears chilling on the side of the road. They leap out from the shade of surrounding trees and into this #WHPcolorful submission.
Photo by @varunpanesar

Alisa Dalia (@alisaanton) calls her #WHPcolorful submission “a little something to brighten up your Monday.” 💐

Stephen McMennamy (@smcmennamy) unleashes a cascade of jewel-toned bouncy balls in this #WHPcolorful animation.
Follow along as we feature more of our favorite submissions to last weekend’s hashtag project.
Video by @smcmennamy

“Being socially aware has always been a very strong value in my family and in my life,” says American director Melina Matsoukas (@msmelina). “I really try to use my platform to say something, to create some sort of change and initiate a conversation that is not happening — or continue a conversation.”
The two-time Grammy winner’s work has proven that art remains a powerful engine to encourage dialogue. “I’ve always loved this idea of political art. We’ve seen that through the civil rights movement, and it’s definitely continued now with a lot of artists, in music, TV and film,” says Melina. And her collaborations with iconic artists like Beyoncé (@beyonce) are no accident. “I like people who are courageous and who aren’t scared of saying something that’s different than what everybody else is saying.”
This month, we’re sharing the stories of African-American community members in celebration of #BlackHistoryMonth, which runs through February in the US.
Photo by @msmelina

Sunday night marks the 89th Academy Awards (@theacademy), an event in Los Angeles honoring the best films in 2016. We’re going behind the scenes with actress Sofia Carson (@sofiacarson) on the red carpet and inside the Dolby Theatre.
Watch our Instagram story now to see what the big night is like from Sofia’s perspective.

Patrick Sister (@patricksister) caught two revelers as they sprinted along the beach on stilts during a Carnival street parade, or bloco, in Brazil. “My favorite part is people on the streets in costumes, having fun!” says Patrick, who plans to be photographing celebrations nonstop until Wednesday. #TheWeekOnInstagram
Photo by @patricksister

“All the people I photograph are beautiful in their own way,” says Noir Barakat (@noirbarakat), who captured the hands of a shy woman in her doorway in Beirut. “She blushed as her head bowed and I heard her say, ‘Home is where the cats are.’” #TheWeekOnInstagram
Photo by @noirbarakat

“We could not take our eyes off the tower, even though the weather was awful, a strong wind blowing and it was very cold,” says Anna Toporkova (, of capturing Ostankino Tower illuminated at night. Anna, a lifelong resident of Moscow, only discovered this vantage point recently.
Follow along as we feature more of our favorite moments from #TheWeekOnInstagram.
Photo by

Shaded by trees, a girl twirls her skirt in this photo from Oaxaca captured by Aurora Sánchez (@foto_saja). #TheWeekOnInstagram

After discovering this tree during a hike last spring, Christoph Schlein (@christophschlein) and his girlfriend returned eight months later for a closer look. “It was something like 15 degrees below zero — usually the lake is not frozen and it was something special to walk on it and see everything from a new perspective,” he says. “Nature can create such impressive places and it’s our task to take care of it.”
Follow along as we feature more of our favorite moments from #TheWeekOnInstagram.
Photo by @christophschlein

Growing up, Ava DuVernay (@directher) would wait outside the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles with her Aunt Denise and sisters to watch Academy Award presenters go into rehearsals. Today, she’s the first black female director to receive an Oscar nomination for Best Documentary Feature. Her film “13th” digs into the 13th Amendment, the change to the US Constitution ending slavery, and analyzes its entanglement with the criminalization of African-Americans today. “I’m grateful to all the activists and scholars who allowed me to interview them and feature their ideas and insights on this important issue,” says Ava, who interviews almost 40 people in the documentary, including social justice activists like Angela Davis and politicians Cory Booker and Newt Gingrich. “Each person was like a professor and I was a happy student in their masterclass.”
Photo by @directher

Weekend Hashtag Project: #WHPcolorful
The goal this weekend is to create photos and videos that pop with color. Here’s how to get started:
Seek out environments with bright and bold colors that catch your eye. For example, if you attend a concert or parade, get close to the action to capture spirited moments and dazzling props.
For portrait submissions, look for colorful personalities and striking fashion statements that stand out against everyday surroundings.
Make color move with a video or Boomerang submission. Capture a bright painting coming to life, the flashing motion of neon lights or a burst of color emerging in an otherwise bland scene.
PROJECT RULES: Please add the #WHPcolorful hashtag only to photos and videos taken over this weekend and only submit your own visuals to the project. If you include music in your video submissions, please only use music to which you own the rights. Any tagged photo or video taken over the weekend is eligible to be featured next week.
Featured photo by @splendid_rags