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harriescarroll  Corporate Pilates Teacher • Oov Trainer •Lifeguard Bondi Rescue • Talent of 6 Degrees Management Group • My wife and boys are my world 🌍

Roll out your weekend 🌞🌞🌞🌞🌴🌴 @blackroll_australia @bondisblsc

Bronte #eyeofthestorm @lifeguardhoppo another day in the sunshine. Enjoy your paradise 🌟

The importance of getting your heart checked is underestimated, particularly by men. We think everything is going to be alright and we often don’t make the time to have regular health checks, yet how many people do we know that have had a heart scare? Don’t wait for the signs to appear - go get yourself screened for free at your local @amcal_pharmacy by a qualified pharmacist. I was personally interested and worried about my own heart, as I have pushed myself a lot. It doesn’t matter if you’re healthy, what you eat, or the amount of exercise you do - be proactive and most importantly, be informed. Take your mate, your brother, your dad, or any other blokes in your life, just #BringHimIn

@reidy__ #JustAskAmcal #AmcalPartner #HeartHealthCheck #PharmacistAlwaysAvailable

Good morning 🤟🤟🤟🤟🌞🌞🌞🌞 @mojodownunder

7 years ago I went on a blind date and I met a stunning lady xxx. The boys and I are extremely lucky to have you Em xxx. Can’t wait for the next 70 years together xxxxx❤️❤️❤️love ya xx

The #skinrecoverycream and #skinrecoveryspray from @drwheatgrassau are the perfect solution to cracked skin/rough skin. The high levels of naturally occurring antioxidants (vitamins A,C& E) are in the solution which assist with the healing and recovery. I use this on my face after a long day in the sun, I also use this on Leo’s #eczema which irritates Leo so much, and this is the one treatment that stops his discomfort. #drwheatgrass

A session for the kids @caring_for_kids_bali my attempt at @foundationtraining which is an amazing exercise tool for whole body strength #erectorpinae @johnnygannon @docgoodman @autocrazeau #hat @ @2xu

As little as $5 dollars a week can help keep the staff and electricity on for the beautiful children at the @caring_for_kids_bali #orphanage. This is a must in my pathway as a father and teacher to learn the art of giving back. You can donate by going to this website https://www.careforkidsbali.com/ @autocrazeau @2xu @mojodownunder @makoeyewear @blackroll_australia @drwheatgrassau @solardsunscreen

I loved teaching Pilates at the #jodieoshaeorphanage Doing this is the highlight of my year. Jodie O’Shae passed away in the #balibombings The orphanage was set up in dedication of her life. The people who give their time up to help these kids are amazing. @caring_for_kids_bali This organisation relies on funding to keep it running for the children. You can all make a difference.

Luke is a good mate of mine and like me he shares the mindset of he’ll be right mate (the old Australian way), but when it comes to health this way of thinking is not always a good thing. That’s why I took him down to meet Henry, at my local @amcal_pharmacy, where we both had a free 9 Point Heart Health Check. Encourage your mates, your dads, and your loved ones to do the same; it takes ten minutes and it could save their life. ❤️link in bio❤️ #BringHimIn #JustAskAmcal #AmcalPartner #HeartHealthCheck #PharmacistAlwaysAvailable

@ling.lings.bali Is the nicest Japanese food 🥘 I have had. Ps I lived in japan for three months and tried a lot of different sushi, but this tops it. 🍣 . @jessepolock

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