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ʞɔıʍpɹɐɥ sıɹɥɔ  Get your GIF/JIF pronunciation shirts at id10t.com!

This Instagram filter on @lydiahearst with the positioning of Anubis is EVERYTHING. Also it looks like an album cover for a late 80’s Eastern European cellist.

HEY SEATTLE!!! I’m performing at The Neptune on Friday, Oct 26th! I wanna do a whole costume content thing too so come in your costumes! There may also be candy on hand. It’s not a massive venue so grab those tix now! Either go to @stgpresents or copy/paste stgpresents.org/neptune/calendar (PS this pic is from January. I’m not there right now and @lydiahearst has black hair these days)

A MILESTONE IN HARDWICK/ANUBIS RELATIONS. Captured as it happened at 6:30am!! @lydiahearst’s cat doesn’t give a shit about me, and I get it. She’s raised him from kittenhood, cuddles him nonstop, sings songs to him, runs lines with him when she’s shooting stuff, and generally treats him in the regal way his Egyptian ancestry would have, so naturally this little fucker is IMPRINTED on her like a goddamn Twilight vampire. In general, he ignores my existence despite my REPEATED attempts to strengthen ties. Occasionally, if one of the humans falls asleep and the other has a touch of the insomnia (that’s usually me), the other goes into the other bedroom so as not to wake each other while we flop around trying to trip over sleep. Well last night, Lyds was the insomniac and I woke up this morning to Anubis CUDDLING THE FUCK UP TO ME. This is huge. And look, I know it’s only because the Princess was in another castle and I’m nothing more than an emotional blow up doll, BUT IT’S A START DAMMIT. #KittySnugs

@ethanhawke & I demonstrating that you can’t just set boys in front of toys and expect them to not get played with (swipe through to watch this adventurous tale). He’s on one of the first eps of @talking this season which premieres June 17th. He is such a thoughtful and engaging guy and the list of amazing films he’s been a part of is staggering. Also, just to give you an example of the kind of fellow he is, there was some miscommunication from our end and when he showed up he thought we were just doing the podcast like the last time he was on. Upon realizing it was a taped tv show, most people would have just left BUT HE STAYED AND DID THE TV SHOW. This was exceptionally nice because the movie he was there to promote, #FirstReformed, comes out May 18th, and the podcast would have posted in advance of that but the tv show won’t. So he really didn’t need to spend an hour chatting with me but he did anyway. So this is me asking you to support a super smart, talented, and NICE human by seeing his movie. And also watch @talking when we come back. I’m really proud of this li’l show. There aren’t really many places on tv where a conversation can breathe and you can get a real sense of someone. THANK YOU, ETHAN HAWKE!! You can come play car chase at my house anytime!!!

I’d like to welcome the newest addition to our home, the Vogon. He was made by the @hensoncompany creature shop for 2005’s Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Thanks to @gillianjacobs for texting me from @blackmancruz yesterday saying, “This looks like something you’d like.” YES. YES IT DOES.

Happy Mother’s Day to a mom who is out of this world har har har. But seriously @nerdistmom is the BEST. Sorry, other moms! 💝

Amazing slideshow of dreams coming true from last week’s tribute to legendary Muppeteer Caroll Spinney that I hosted last week at the @hensoncompany lot. YES THESE ARE REALLY THEM. The show was also a benefit for @ctr_puppetry_arts and in addition to all of your favorite Sesame characters, there were sketches from other great puppeteers throughout the show. Other performers included Jack McBrayer, @bibbymoynihan, & @jason_mraz. The joy in my face and heart lasted for days and burned a smile into my soul. These characters are so ingrained in your emotional DNA that seeing them in person is literally like meeting the most famous person you’ve ever met in your life and vibrates you on such a deep level that you may cry. PICS: 1) me & BB (I was standing on a platform to reach him), 2) Slide 2 was a “pinch me firmly cuz I must have died” sketch for “Talking Street”, where Bert dresses up like Batman, Count counted, and Cookie started eating the couch halfway through. 3) Oscar reacting to a smooch on the cheek. 4) Joined by @sethgreen, @claregrant, @lydiahearst, & Kermit’s back. 5) we ran into a Skeksis in the lobby YESSSSSSSS SKEKSIS, 6) A quilt made by the Henson Creature Shop. I bid on it, but the rightful winner was Caroll’s wife Debi, who got it for him. 7) HEY IT’S LUIS!!! (aka Emilio Delgado), 8) Dinosaurs! 9) #WallKermit

Had a blast at the Solo premiere!! Had trouble finding a space so we just parked here. The attire theme was “galactic swagger”, which if you swipe to the next photo, I think we NAILED. Thanks to @kitscarbo for my favorite new stripey pants. #swagger #TheGalacticKind

Hey look it’s The Flash!! And next to him is @grantgust who will be on the @id10t podcast tomorrow HEYOOOOOOOOOO

So this was my night! It’s going to take several days to process it. I hosted a tribute to Caroll Spinney (who was Big Bird and Oscar) at The Henson Studios tonight. A TON of Sesame characters were there as well as some really other puppetry. I’ll have a much more in depth slideshow tomorrow that is brain-melting but here’s a preview from the last number “Sing A Song”...Thank you so much to the Hensons, Sesame Workshop, and the Center for Puppetry Arts for including me!! #PuppetsForPuppetry

“I find your lack of funds...disturbing.” #MayThe4thBeWithYou (fb to @wondercon 2012)

MERE WORDS ARE NOT ENOUGH TO DESCRIBE THIS EXCITE. But if you have a Doctor in your house, you HAVE to let him into your TARDIS, right?? That’s the rule. It has now been officially christened in a non-sexual way. (cue: “Reunited” by Peaches & Herb) David Tennant is on the podcast tomorrow! And he is so lovely it’s easy to believe he has two hearts. Truth be told, I was terribly embarrassed to ask him to take this pic. If he had punched me in the neck and run screaming for help I’d have understood, HOWEVER he couldn’t have been cooler about it.

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