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Dying over the cuteness of @alchemytea's #dumplingpincushion pattern results! I saw the dumplings popping up in my IG feed, and I pretty much dropped everything and bought the pattern and made it. Gahhhhhhhh so cute and so fun! Haha my Tom-Tom #sewyummyfabric is being punny.

My razzle has been dazzled.

Traders Joe's is pure evil. We are all doomed.

A little someone-someone waiting at the top of the stairs. My punchline du jour: #ronswansonquilt is well hung.

Moving joys - the guest room / Little Bavaria is finally done. Just needs guests, now. And a cow.

Kindness matters. It really, really matters. When fellow #PMQG member @julineb found out I moved to the town her cousin lives in (AND is the mayor of!), she told her cousin about my move - and the next thing I know there's a Welcome basket at my front door. OHMYGOSH! Honestly, the basket could have been filled with nothing and I would have been just as touched. I'm in a new town, getting my bearings, and just starting to meet people and neighbors. Such a simple act of kindness yet it's soooo big. I'm going to make it my mission that if I see someone new in my neighborhood I'm going to extend a warm welcome, too. Totally paying it forward, I want someone else to feel the same joy of welcoming as I have. I'm a puddle of mush and joy, and it's proof that kindness matters. (Which means I'm totally going to order @makervalley's Kindness Matters by @justaddsunshineinc t-shirt.)

When you travel with @elizabethagh and you're waiting on the tarmac to take off, and before the flight crew warns you to turn off all devices - you quickly shop at target.com. Elizabeth beat me to the punch and put this unicorn lamp in her cart and gave me a travel prezzie (and one for herself, too, so we're lamp twinsies). It was shiny gold (because dah, it's a power unicorn), and I just spray painted it red to go in my new work-in-progress sewing room's color scheme of red, grey, and white.

Rubbish Day. 🎉💥⚡️🎊

And then 4320 spilled some tea (that I won't repeat) on 4329 and even went so far as to call her a lazy heifer. 4336 said that 4320 is a liar and not to believe her. So much cow drama.

Went out for burgers tonight and got a super size side of view.

Went to Peet's in Cotati yesterday and was welcomed by a gang of McNuggets that call this Peet's home. I don't know what the story is, but I'm now going to get coffee (or green tea mango sunrise) here every day now. Every. Single. Day. And there's some Butterballs roaming around, too. Only thing that could make this more awesome than it already is would be some goats. And maybe a cow, too. #sonomacounty 🐣peet 🐣peet🐣peet

So eager to get my sewing room set up in my new home as I'm itching to quilt and I somehow want to incorporate my views from my bike into a quilt block or quilt pattern. That or I need to weld my Sewing machine to my handlebars. #Janome + #Trekbikes or #specialized , now that could be a great marriage!

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