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Pulp Riot LA Hair Stylist  🦄Kasey O'Hara Skrobe 🌈Hair color specialist LA 🎨@butterflyloftsalon 🤘PulpRiot Architect of creative design & international PlatformArtist 🍭B3 artist

Raven villains top 10!!! @pulpriothair I’m so excited to show you guys!! 🖤 Swipe left to see🦇To vote: comment below with the number on your favorite picture 👀They are in no specific order. Voting ends on Friday 8/17 at 9pm pst. One vote per person On a personal note- It has been so hard for me to choose, I love each and every one of your art so much. I hope you all know how much it meant to me to see you all get into this so much! Thank you all for your hard work, it did not go unnoticed. Anyone that is in the top 10 went above and beyond, and ultimately had amazing hair that showcased the Raven Collection. 🖤 Kaseyoh 1- @rianimal_
2- @notanothercolorist
3- @hairbydianafanea
4- @reneespinale & @sstrazzere
5- @kristidaybeauty
6- @hairordyechick
7- @amethystylist
8- @ghoulnextdooor
9- @giannadoll13
10- @tiffanymhair

FACTION8..80 permanent shades coming September 1st♥️. @pulpriothair 🖤 which colors are you pumped for?! @maggieelisabethh and I tag team #balayage her then I put all faction8 reds! No direct dye here. Just pure glorious rich permanent reds! Make up by @goldiestarling

Transformation on the beautiful @missradreefer 💚💙 follow her for glorious flower😉 she had natural roots and permanent color and we were able to break through with time, patience and good products! Used all @pulpriothair + @brazilianbondbuilder #blondeaf 25 volume is the key to color corrections for me! Then a mixture of teals and some area51 tips! #weedmermaid

My stunning FACTION8 model🖤 @pulpriothair behold rich bold tones with a creamy consistency made for the new age color melt. Formula : 4-8 5-8 4-5 and 6-1 8-1 alternated all through. MUA @goldiestarling

While I wait for my #worldofwarcraft to update here is another bright colored @pulpriothair employee💚anyone else playing the new wow Xpac 💙👀 Vickie 🦄 colored by me and cut by @Doug_theo I used absinthe Area 52 aquatic nirvana and nightfall + @brazilianbondbuilder 💙💚🖤

Rainbow pop🌈👀 colab with @Doug_theo and @maggieelisabethh created pops of rainbow in her bangs and underneath. And Doug cut this bomb ass bob and bangs. We used @pulpriothair #ravencollection and og colors + @brazilianbondbuilder

One of my favorite things about @pulpriothair is you don’t have to have the perfect canvas to create something magical💜 @theblacktaliamurder came in with level 4 roots and mids and lvl 5 color ends. We lightened and of course the ends didn’t lighten as well so we used a lighter purple on her room with a bit of warmth so it didn’t dull it melted into a deeper cooler purple. Beautiful rich color! Next time we will be able to get them pastels. @brazilianbondbuilder in every formula along the way. Thanks for the assist @maggieelisabethh @samanthaevehair

Pink jellyfish 💕🐙 y’all know I love high contrast🖤 @pulpriothair candy Cupid blush clear + @brazilianbondbuilder cut by @doug_theo

Really awesome to work with @doug_theo his cuts 💇‍♀️have really made my work look so great! 🌈 color by me and cut by @doug_theo we used all @pulpriothair neons plus lilac and nevermore All mixed with @brazilianbondbuilder 🖤🦄🎉💋🌈🌹I grabbed a wrong brush by accident when mixing up these 7 colors and started to color with it and immediately threw it to the side because I can literally only use @framar brushes 👀🦇

Hot air balloon bubs 🌈 🎈 colab with @tashatripphair 🎀 I colored and she braided this gem! I used @pulpriothair + @brazilianbondbuilder to enchant this creation

So excited to be nominated with my girls @bottleblonde76 and @hairbykristinamarie 🌈🦄🌹🦇👀 we created this look in germany with @pulpriothair so this is really special to us!!! Thank you @behindthechair_com !!!🖤 we used all @pulpriothair color for this and @brazilianbondbuilder

At a FACTION8 behind the scenes shoot 🖤 my version of modeling. Wait till you see my smoking hot model! Stay tuned in the @pulpriothair page photo by @chrissiearia

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