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Hari ni kitorang terjah #BazaarRamadhan kat Saujana Putra! Memang banyak jenis air diorang jual kat sini and of coz the most sought after protein; AYAM! Siapa yang tinggal kat sini, apa lagi yang best kat #PaRam2018 ni ya? Share lah tips ngan kami! Selamat Berbuka 😉

We love Halab's Chicken Shawarma. The best in KL.

Ok gang this Kelana Jaya SS5 #BazaarRamadhan is pretty good! Look at those delicious looking lauk-pauk! Ikan tu bukan main berisi lah kan, memang layan la #BukaPuasa nanti. We had to run off quickly coz hujan but you should definitely go here for hearty homemade-like dishes. Masak Nasi je kat rumah nanti.

Discovered at #BazaarRamadhan Bandar Kinrara. Satay Rusa! An interesting bazaar for honest food just opposite the Al-Ehsan mosque.

Ayam Golek! Here’s a tip if you’re feeling like this is just too mahal to get for buka and want to make the best of it. If you’re buying a whole chicken it would cost about RM20, get the abang to “potong kecik” half of it so you can enjoy smaller portions with your rice & vege for #BukaPuasa. The other half can wrap separately and keep for #Sahur and used for these simple recipe;
Recipe 1: Shred the chicken. In a pan, heat up some oil and add diced onions, garlic, carrots and kobis (if you want). Season it with salt and pepper (add paprika to make it spicy), and add your fav keju for some cheesy goodness! Toast a few slices of bread and make a sandwich! It’s a sure #WIN 🥪 for kids and those who doesn’t want to Sahur heavy.
Recipe 2: Shred the chicken and replace it with the burger meat in our easy-peasy DIY Roti John recipe we’ve shared on! Link in Bio 😉
Selamat Berbuka Puasa 🌟

So mana satu yang korang suka to #BukaPuasa with? 🤤

Since foodster @vinivedivici didn’t puasa today 😜 here’s her TOP 10 MUST TRY at Pasar Ramadhan #TamanMelawati!
1. Kuih Akok which is made the ol’skool way with Arang. Fluffy and charred at just the right corner. Geram so sedap!
2. Tepung Pelita. This one will make anybody yang tak puasa feel so guilty coz it’s so freaking sedap! Like. Seriously sedap can cry!
3. Keria Gula Melaka; ok this uncle is sweet and so are the Keria which I bet is made by his also sweet wife coz you can taste the honesty in this one 😭
4. And then there’s some popular once that used to make headlines at the old Taman Melawati Bazaar; Popiah Basah (you can never go wrong with this one - consistency is top notch)!
5. The new boys in town is the Singapore Murtabak and it’s like over the top meaty and eggy thick Roti you can share with the whole gang!
6. Next up is the Grill Seafood with Sotong the size of your 5-year-old arm! 😝 these guys got it right with the spicy marination and made-to-order Seafood. Pick it raw and wait for them to Masak. Best!
7. If you want chicken, I recommend this Ayam Tempayan Melawati. Juicy, smoky and perfect with a plate of hot steamy rice and kicap pedas for buka. Yummm!
8. Feeling like curry, try this Aunty’s Kari Kepala Ikan. Meaty fish, with a spicy and berlemak thick curry to feed your hungry soul. Memang layan!
9. Ok you want something light yet not so light to buka... haha then try the Japanese Pizza. The only stall here serving Okonomiyaki and in the (recent) classic Malaysian style - you can add extra cheese!
10. Last but not least is Stew Grill! They’re also an old timer here that sells nicely marinated fat chunks of chicken and meat kebab; grilled fresh so you can eat panas-panas! One skewer can be shared ramai-ramai and that’s the best way to buka.
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OMG! Our Chef Lisa made Roti John and it’s super easy and murah je nak buat! Esok kita share #ResipiBajet kat 👌🏻

Gotta get that Tepung Pelita Paya Jeras on! You won't complete your PaRam tour without stopping by at PaRam TTDI. Tons of choices here, you'll go nuts! #PaRam2018 #PaRamTTDI

Bazar Ramadan at Taman Dato' Harun is great for a weekend visit. More than one hundred stalls lined up serving everything you want from roti john pandan, ayam bakar in a rotisserie, nasi goreng burung puyuh and more. Part 1/2. #paramkl #bukapuasa

Whaaaatttt! They have Soft-Shell-Crab here 🤤 This is another must-go PaRam off Jalan Kuching peeps! Huge variety of great looking food! Hehe we're gonna go home and buka now. Selamat Berbuka! #PaRam2018 #PaRamJlnKuching

#AKuihADay 02: Kuih Cara Berlauk. It’s soft, a lil spicy and perfect as a savoury tea-time snack. Get your recipes in the bio today and follow us on for more kuih updates.

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