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felix cartal not felix cartel  ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀buy tickets for my tour | 📍vancouver

so happy summer is over so i can start wearing giant jackets again


sometimes you travel late at night and imagine what your songs would sound like in a different context. well at least i do when i’m doing things like sitting on the bullet train in tokyo. i remixed my own song Mood and gave it a chiller mood, hope you enjoy <3


creative tips that help me:
1. don’t be ashamed of your own ideas
2. take inspiration from other forms of art and apply them to your own
3. start projects with intention, (but also reward yourself with days with completely no intention)
4. set deadlines for yourself, ask others to enforce them if that helps
5. HUMBLE yourself and LEARN from everyone
6. show up
7. trust yourself and make it honest
8. go for a walk if you’re stuck
9. really think about what it is that makes you like other art and try to apply those things to your own projects
10. don’t be too precious with things, make things and move on
11. simplify.

limited album merch, a collab with @youthmachine. coming soon.... 🦅

ummm it’s actually spelt felix cartel


excited for this! i made this collab pair of felix cartal sunglasses w/ @dutil.eyewear ! we’re doing a free pop up party in gastown tomorrow. beers and beats (by me) first pic is me dyeing the lenses.... last pic for party details... 😎

tour has been going so well that we added more dates 🔥🤘🏻 thank you everyone who has been coming

shoutout to this dude for being a good friend, manager, occasional therapist, and craft beer aficionado. 🤘🏻 (he’s drunk right now so i’m trying to make him cry) #disposablecamera

the motto

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