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If Hannity leaves Fox News it will be the end of the channel. They have lost so many hosts recently. They can't afford to lose another. MSNBC is already the number 1 for primetime now... the Murdoch kids, who are total liberals, have taken over FNC.

Happens all the time lol. It's Instagram. Calm tf down.

Savage! Laying it on those damn feminists.

Celebrities know nothing. They shouldn't comment on politics. It makes them look stupid.



Rip democrats.

If abortion is okay because it's a "woman's body", then why is it a double homicide when a pregnant woman is murdered?

Term limits would help astronomically. Also, one six year term for the President rather than two, four year terms would help as well.

Lol true.

It's a joke calm down lol. Just posting this to trigger the feminist cucks.


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