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Startup disk is full



So hyped to head back to Kenya and now Uganda Ethiopia Nigeria South Africa...been a few years and we have had a few tours since then. Africa is always on another level..we got @walshyfire hosting these parties... expect some madness

bring the crew together and submit your video to majorlazer.com/runup 🏃🏻 ⬆️

Too many walls not enough bridges

Thanks so much Australia & New Zealand for the sick adventure .. @postmalone @fki1st @annalunoe @ninalasvegas .. our team was only the sickest cunts. I'm not even mad at @adele : she had a concert in the same city every night so I put her on the guestlist but she never showed up.. its cool tho I just looked at her Instagram and it's not as lit as mine.

Billabong (swipe right and see if you can find me) we walked a few miles in the bush to find it and the water was fresh as I've ever tasted .. the water was crystal clear and 80 degrees . Even found a water hole that was a little high above with a small water slide down to the main pool that felt like 100 degrees . The only animals we could see were some baby frogs . One of the most beautiful places I've been to.. it is very remote as the Kimberleys (northwest Australia) are the about size of Texas with only a few thousand people spread out between rangers, small cattle stations, crazy settlers and aboriginal reservations. I definitely wanted to take full advantage of the two days I had off in Australia and go to a place of that I only ever I'd see in pictures or on Crocodile Dundee part 2 . But it's harsh .. sometimes they have cyclones sometimes it doesn't rain for months .. barely any animals or people can survive, beside a few giant sharks, crocodiles, goanas and an occasional wallaby . The sun will burn your skin in a few minutes . And I drank too many Hahn beers on this hike so I got kinda fucked since I'm white as a snowflake . But it was all worth it.. this water will be dried up in a few weeks when the rains stops but it was important to go deep into the classic version of Australia as much as it was still a pleasure to see the big cities and culture of Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland .. I appreciated everyone who came to all the sold out shows.. and all the @BBE staff for having me .. can't wait to go back but I'll have a lot more music to show u guys next time .. 🖤❤️🐨🇦🇺

My fans > your fans

The fantasy continues

Last Australia show is tonight Melbourne!!!! .. then I'm bouncing back to California 😢 Sad to go because I love it here 🇦🇺


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