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When you have no kitchen but must morning. Saved the essentials; this is my "roughing it" kit. 😂 Much love to @baratza @bonavitaworld @oxo @rticcoolers @southsidehou @bluebottle for getting me through this dark time of kitchen renovation. ❤️

Working at my happy place today.

Cauliflower and onion in a coconut milk/gochujang/peanut butter sauce. Weird, in a William S. Burroughs-as-Chef Boyardee way, but it works. Not bad for having no clear plan.

Finally met @twizz_3seas in person last weekend @bl4cksmith when @whisenants71 and daughter came from out of town. I can attest, the man pulls an excellent shot of espresso. Don't just know your coffee shops, get to know the baristas IN the shops. #coffeefamily #coffeeismoremanthanmachine

I've heard of capturing methane from bovine waste and using it for energy, but come ON. Spotted in SAN airport. Where's the "shark jumped" emoji?

Workout gear by @russellathletic (❤️ this stuff) with a hat assist from @dovemencare. Shoes by Converse. Body from years of studious hedonistic neglect. And you can keep your Gatorade, I've got @topochicousa. #dadlete #realstrength #walkingisanolympicsport #2 .5mi #16minmile #gottastartsomewhere


We missed @owtk in San Diego, but he's in a better place now.

I'm (with) Batman. #dad2summit #legodads

Shabby chic splatter guard.

Game grub! Yak-y yakitori* on a blue cheese kewpie mayo dipping sauce, spicy meatball skewers with ginger and gochujang, and scallion yakitori with okonomi sauce. Bonus: crispy chicken skin skewers! * - buffalo chicken skewers; there is an animal called a buffalo yak, see what I did there?

What she said, times 1000. It's the same thing in a major corporate setting; if you really believe in something, you have to push for it.

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You get to design & create exactly the life that you want to live, but some days? It is REALLY hard when other people are telling you that your ideas are crazy, that your dreams are crazy, and that if you don't quit? You're crazy. If you believe in what you are doing, if you know you're doing the right thing, stick with it. Over the years, many brilliant people have been told the same thing. You've got this! #thelifeboss #communityovercompetition #businessbrilliantly

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