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WHERE IS THE EVIDENCE that Trump is "in Putin's back pocket?" ----------------------------------------
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Hillary ALWAYS Intended to Challenge 2016 Outcome New Docs Prove
New documents show Christopher Steele, the author of the dirty dossier filled with ridiculous debunked and unproven allegations, admitted that he was hired by the DNC and Hillary Clinton to produce evidence that would challenge the validity of the 2016 election if Trump won. Of course, we could always tell this was the case but now Steele is on record admitting it, so how is it that Hillary Clinton is able to roam freely as Mueller indicts Trump associates with petty process crimes?
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Put Up or Shut Down
@ericbolling walks the streets of Washington, D.C., discussing the prospect of a government shutdown and the theatrics of funding the wall.
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SEA OF BLUE: Procession honors fallen police officers who were killed by a train while pursuing a suspected gunman in Chicago. #police #chicago #procession

Is Die Hard a Christmas movie? And what about Lethal Weapon? And ... what does Danny Glover think??? (Make sure you watch till the end!)

That time when a Left (@ccafaro77) vs. Right (@ericbolling) discussion was interrupted by some kids with a peace offering. 😆 😍 ---------------------------------
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The Media Grinches Ruined Their Own Christmas
They can’t blame President Trump! The left-wing media have been stirring up trouble for MONTHS, so it’s NO SURPRISE when the president makes a list, checks it twice, and finds them UNDESERVING of a White House holiday party.
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Ding Dong! The Weekly Standard’s Dead!
The Weekly Standard’s hatred for President Trump FINALLY ended its existence. That’s right, it's DEAD. That’s what happens when you’re a magazine run by notorious NeverTrumpers like Bill Kristol, whose disgust for the president is downright unhealthy. He had no problem accusing Trump supporters of “blindly following” the president while he continued to cheer on the Bush administration for the Iraq war even AFTER Bush left office. It’s no wonder the sun has set on this sad excuse for a magazine.
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Gather round kids and let me tell you the story of “Non-Binary” Santa....yep the whole world has gone crazy!!🎄🇺🇸 #life #funny #christmas #santa #faithsocial

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TV time.

Migrants Demand: Let Us In or PAY (Literally!)
The migrant caravan is now demanding that Trump either allow them in or pay them EACH a whopping $50,000 to turn back. Even crazier? Dems are STILL refusing to support the border wall, even after all of this chaos. But the wall is an issue Trump campaigned on, and it’s a promise he plans to keep by whatever means necessary. After all, shutting down the government is a small price to pay compared to the hundreds of MILLIONS of dollars it would take to appease these entitled migrants.
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