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Carolyn Lederach  Music Person. Photo Taker. Manager of Lives That Aren't Mine. Insomniac. Weirdo. Me. @sofarphilly City Director. @thephotoladies Online Editor

APPRECIATION POST: Big birthday shoutout to!! Thanks for always being such a good friend, even from 4,000 miles away. Sending all the tequila your way today. Here’s a montage of tour nonsense xx

When your fav lady comes to visit, a hr ride ends up being 8, and you both end up cute crying cause that’s just life.

Happy Album Release Day to my fellow road dawgs, @jaredandthemill - everyone go out and listening to This Story Is No Longer Available. It’s v v good. Here are some pics from that fateful day back in 2015 when we first met.

Heaven is a place like this, an assembly of broken things. | @amberrun

Been having this brewing for a couple months now and excited to finally share our newest @thephotoladies Tour Diary ft. @thefaim! *link in bio*

Brunch throwback | 📷: @velociraptori

I spend too much time in my head. Wish I could say what needs to be said | @thebandcamino 2.7.19

@kingprincess69 | 1.28.19

2019 thus far

Da crew 💞 ft. Me only crossing my arms and sporting sloppy hair | 📷: @kirbysybert

I’m doing fine, even though you’re still on my mind | @kingprincess69 1.28.19

My heart is full but yours is running out | @songsbyjoan 1.26.19

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