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Carolyn Lederach  Music Person. Photo Taker. Manager of Lives That Aren't Mine. Insomniac. Weirdo. Me. @sofarphilly City Director. @thephotoladies Online Editor

Somewhere in Nashville #35mm

I don’t want to die alone. Tell me there’s another option for me. Standing like I should have known I knew you’d accidentally look right inside of me | @manchesterorchestra #ablackmiletothesurface #themistake

Some of my fav #blackandwhite shots ft. @michaelbanjo

Everybody knows that you're hurting
Serving your time behind the curtain
Open up your doors and your windows
We could live a life so simple | @mattcorby #noordinarylife

Scenes from last night with @jaredandthemill 🖤🖤

America’s Biggest Weirdo 🏍 | 📽: @hartcell

Big thanks to @chillmoody for collabing with @sofarphilly for an awesome night! Sorry it rained and we had to call it short but can’t wait to do more shows!!

-insert caption here-

I don't know what you were, but I know that you changed me.
Everything that you touched is sacred.
I don't know where you went, but you left a hurricane here
And it's messing me up | @vancouversleepclinic #intheend #therapyphase01

All I’m looking forward to at this point is to stop crying, hugs, and seeing my desert pals on Wednesday | @jaredandthemill at some point last year in Baltimore

August is never a solid month for me. Today would have been Glenna’s birthday, a couple weeks later will mark when we lost her. It’s still not really the same and I don’t know if it ever will be. Remember to tell people how much you care about them before they disappear.

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