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Cora Brionne Jakes Coleman  Children’s Pastor, Proud ❤️mommy of 2. Spiritual Advisor, Best Selling Author. Here to hear, trust, & obey God. Also to uplift the 🌎 with faith.

Reminiscing on my babygirl!! Amauri is turning 11 on Tuesday this is her angry face at 3 lol we were shopping for hats for daddy @skiiventura !! 😂 she was so chunky!! #amauriistheprincess

It’s my princesses birthday weekend she turns 11 on Tuesday. I can hardly believe how much she has grown. Please mute me if overloads of her gorgeousness and laughter and growth is too much. My timeline will be flooded this weekend and Tuesday with my first loved daughter!! #ferociouswarrior #ferociousfamily #amauriistheprincess #waytowavy11

Don’t let people contaminate your peace. Keep people around you that are invested in and consider you as a blessing of peace to their life and not a burden. Don’t let people take your peace away to assert their addiction to dysfunction in your life. #ferociouswarrior #ferociousfamily #wisdom

You still have time for this powerful seminar with me and hubby @skiiventura . We have a passion for helping people prepare and push through in relationships. If any of the topics in this flyer bless you or you need advice do me a favor click the link in my bio or go to bit.ly/fundamentalsforlife. The best way to support yourself in or outside of relationships is to gain knowledge and understanding and getting more tools and resources!! See you at the Seminar #relationshipgoals #ferociouswarrior #ferociousfamily #ferociousfaith

Healthy relationships are produced best in the moments where both the man and woman have a good foundation on who they are. If you don’t know who you are you will allow your relationship to define you and without it you lose yourself which creates unhealthy relationships and environments. If you don’t know who you are the best way to produce it is by making sure that your life and choices line up with who you believe is the best version of you that you can be. #fundamentalsforlife #relationshiptips #ferociouswarrior #ferociousfamily #relationshipgoals

I dress in #wildwoman because I am the #ferociouswarrior I love my skirt and shirt from @womanevolve and my hubby @skiiventura killed today too in the #manevolve collection!! #ferociouswarrior #ferociousfamily #ferociousfaith photo credit big lil sis @stl2dalm3nmy4sum

I have the best job ever to cover our future in faith and worship this is church for the children not babysitting service church for their level!! #ferociouswarrior #ferociousfamily #destinyworld

Pause for the cause its official #sttamarsday I have had the honor of being your friend, sister, and advisor for several years and I must say this year that you are walking into has shined the brightest on you. I'm so glad you are giving yourself permission to fully be loved and cared for by those closest to you. I am glad you have released the weight of the things that you learned how to carry. I pray God continue to show himself to you. I pray the favor of the Lord consume every doorstep. I pray you rise above every obstacle and you let your gift make room for you wherever God places you. May you never want for anything and be covered in grace. I pray your hands be lifted and strengthened for every obstacle. May every day teach you more how to embrace peace and never dysfunction. I pray every way God has made be granted and made clear for you. May God send people in your life that push you to be the best version of yourself. May His hand ever be upon you Amen it is so and so it is. Love you Happy Birthday sis @tamarbraxton 🎉 Please help me celebrate one of the funniest, radical, blunt as me, beautiful hearts and spirits I know a Happy Birthday!! I rebuke every threat and curse sent against your destiny and destroy every yoke of the enemy may you live a bountiful life with joy at your fingertips. #ferociouswarrior #ferociousfamily #ferociousfaith

Do you know what you need in relationship or while pursuing a relationship? Just some relationship talk can’t wait to see y’all in the relationship summit go to bit.ly/fundamentalsforlife and get your seat today. 110 left!! #ferociouswarrior #ferociousfamily #relationshipgoals

My husband so fine though!! Love when he hits the studio!! #RepostPlus @skiiventura
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Oooh what’s that Skii V!!? In the stu #studio #music #newheat #bodied

How far do you want God to go for you? Push yourself today surprise your spirit with no excuses. In the words of big sister @lexitelevision “wash yo tail and get to church.” God wants to bless you that’s enough to make you push!! #ferociouswarrior #ferociousfamily #ferociousfaith

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