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blockhead  I make music and find funny pics. No cats, no food, no babies(of mine) , no sunsets. That's a promise. Most pics found on the internet so calm down.

This is aggressive advertising but, hey, Catherine wants what Catherine wants and i can't fault her for that.

A crime has been committed. What i would pay to be a fly on the wall in that room to know what truly happened. 🤔

Chris is not discerning , clearly.

Amish BMX is the next wave. You saw it here first.

Oh hey. Awesome. Knowing this exists on earth just made my hangover 100x worse.

When , after 20 years together, you finally become one.

Yeah, the headline is crazy but what's up with those luxury apartments? 🤔

This summer has been a miserable humid nightmare where every time i leave my house it feels like I'm walking into a bums mouth but Gucci mane is out here rolling his eyes while he frolics in the pool with an inflatable version of himself . Get on his level.

Don't front like you don't have a jar like this, brimming with $5 bills. LIAR! Feel free to tag the person who makes you fill that jar. I invite the awkwardness into my comments.

Much like naming your kid Jeeves and him becoming a butler, some names are created to dictate your future profession. #kashera

This is the only guy feeling this weather right now and he will take your girl.

Fantasy versus reality. #sundayswiththelord

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